Excessiveplus stand alone project and ideas

Hi everyone!

As I said many times on BEER.FREEZER here we all like this mod, but year by year things became weird so that now we are "4 cats" surviving active.

The worst thing I've observed in all those years is how this powerful "engine" is so badly neglected.We all complain me included, but we should move to solve the problems, find the ways but fix things.
There is a concept we have: "Resurrect" E+.We use it because we are the older players, so that yes, it

Noobism - Quake 3 Defrag movie by KjmX (blank)


These past 3 days I've been working on a Defrag movie, well my first Defrag movie Big grin, I'm totally noob at it so obviously the runs I've performed are far from being the best xD. Anyway, enjoy !

JOB!!!!!!!! Any iOS or Android backend/frontend ?

My company is about to grow to a new whole level and I'm going to need to hire at least 4 programmers to develop some apps for the government of México, if anyone here is a TOP elite coder, hit me up, I don't mind hire an euro dude for the projects as long it PWNZZZZ.

6 Games Supported By DirectX 11

DirectX 11 is the latest entrant in the DirectX series. While the platform is used in playing a wide variety of games, it doesn't support all games. To learn, here are some of the supported games:
Alien: Isolation
This is a first-person survival horror game that is developed by The Creative Assembly and published by Sega. According to the creators, the game is set 15 years after the events of Alien. It follows Amanda who is investigating her mother's disappearance.
Developed by Jake Song, a Korean developer, ArcheAge is one of the most popular games in the gaming world.


I posted two years ago my first car I boughted <3 today Im really excited to show you my new car Big grin with hard work and patience I made it to buy the car I always want it to have.
Jeep Commander 2007 Big grin

FYI : la France, a dictatorship rising


As you might know (or not), French government has forced the acceptance of a law by our assembly this 5th May.

This law is about gathering information. All the french network (land network as well as phone network) will be filtered by "black boxes" which every ISPs on the french territory will be forced to use.

Those "black boxes" will be servers that filter the whole network and detect through algorithms a "potentially" dangerous behavior such as planning terrorists act (the good excuse, again) and so.

Invalid Game Folder!!!

help people make to my cfg went on all server on Beer, Green Tea War, Era Server once a visit immediately kick where download or give the Council people thanks in advance)))

Inspiration Excessive Plus Enjoy fkng must see :) Movie e+ KO

We all need some inspiration to keep fragging, and I remember I used to have the KO II Movie in a disk, I search for it and I found it, I wonder why nobody post it on youtube, well anyway, here it is Big grin enjoy the fucking awsome quake 3 e+ movie from the best clan europe has had ever Happy Killing Obsession Happy , to the new people that doesnt know this guys, they were the bomb back in the day Happy and to those who know them, enjoy the movie Happy watch the full movie, at the end when the credits ends they show a video of marcus pummeling some dudes Big grin haha <3 I love it!!!!

jamming with my band :) #metal #deutschland #hsb

Warap guys Happy I'm starting a band with my cousin N1xter, some of you might remember him, we just had our second rehearsal of the band, and I want it to record something of it to show u, at the end the cellphone fell out so the sound at the end sounds blurry, but you can hear the voice & sound, hope you like it Big grin remember is our second rehearsal so be cool Big grin

I'm the singer and n1xter is the drummer Tongue

The miracle of birth :-)

I decided to share with all of you what happened to me and my wife yesterday. 15/12/2014 at 18:52 born the most beautiful girl in the entire universe. She weighs 3950 grams and measures 54 cm. My heart is full of love and happines. For some time I will not play unless I had moments of time when my daughter will sleep.

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