Clan Database

Here are all the CLANS, TEAMS and NATIONAL TEAMS registered on Excessive Plus with their current rosters, categorized by the Ranking Config Groups. Here is also the STAFF category for other groups and organizations related.

To create a new clan or team click here (3 members are required for clan/team acceptance).

Note that newly created clans or teams will be checked on activity, If none seen (no ClanWars played, no FunWars played, not participating in E+ events, etc.) they will be considered as inactive/dead and eventually deleted from Clan Database.

The current categories are as follows:

Excessive (16)

Configs: excessive5, e5r (and clones)

Description: Legendary, infamous and oldest config group on Excessive Plus, it all started here... nowadays inactive Sad

Popular servers: Borg Team Pro player CTF

Plus (48)

Configs: plusN (and clones)

Description: allweapon config group with highly addicting light-speed action and insta railgun... fastest gamestyle in the world ! No special tactics, just focus on killing and not being killed Happy

Popular servers: BEER.FREEZER, [Mr.]Slaughterbox 1v1, NEWGODS*XNATURE MIX -FFA-

Rail (47)

Configs: qlinsta, railmania, rr, r4e09f ...

Description: biggest variety of railonly (+ optional gauntlet) configs seen on Quake 3 Arena. Slow/fast rail, vq3/cpma physics, with railknockback or without it, with multijumps or without them... u name it, it's here ! U love railgun ? U are here !

Popular servers: ! !Rail Carnage *ELITE'Z*, ! Hiszy like FTAG FFF ! !, ! ! ! RUS-RAIL-CTF ! ! !

Vanilla (7)

Configs: vanilla, baseq3, ...

Description: basically default Quake 3 with vq3 physics, the one u can play vs bots in single player, oldschool all the way with special tactical teamplay and precision timing style included.

Popular servers: Vanilla! CTF, Vanilla! FFA, Vanilla! Duel

Staff (5)

Description: Excessive Plus Staff groups and organizations, public server admins, etc.