Vulture King Video :D

What's up my quake friends, I'm very pleased to show you our first official video from our newest EP "Sky Burial"
hope you like it


Alright guys, Quake Champions BETA is out now, register here:

HIXS Web Design Agency by KMP

Hello brothers just want it to share my brand new website #English Happy so you can take a look, hope you like it Big grin


PlusN tips: How to set your keyboard & mouse

Hello guys!

I have created this content in case of some future improvement of E+.

This is a QWERTY Keyboard + Mouse layout sample to give an idea of how you can set all weapons and start your approach to plusN advanced skill config.

You will slowly be able to control 9 weapons if you hold on playing and practicing.

Here are two pics of a QWERTY keyboard and a random gaming mouse.

Which are these 9 weapons?
Gauntlet, Machinegun(MG), Shotgun(SG), Las

Excessive Plus Future - Join Volunteers Team

Hi Excessive Plus Survivors!

Yes, we have a problem..., more than one.

The Certificate issue of this website seems to be the element which shows, possibly how much we have been abandoned and possibly the MOD development too.

[=#00bf3a]I want to sincerely thank the Dev Team to have made this great unique Excessive Plus mod, for free. Keep in mind that whatever I say, I keep in consideration that Real Life is the main thing which to care about as health, family, children, job, fun, etc...

Pictures of santa

Perhaps it is correctly his draw in the vigorous that keep him out of psyche of good 'ol formed gifted specialists yet meanwhile, on the off chance that you go on presents to each adolescent on the planet continually, some thankfulness and reverence would be standard, even from the universe of workmanship. In any case, in like way, Santa Claus does not have a ton of this.
There are disavowals, plainly, by the by they are brilliant and far between. The most gainful painter of Santa Claus, by was, other than a key supporter to the way we general envision Santa Claus, is Normal Rockwell.

Does anyone have files from q3 xtreme arena ?

i need those, cant find on net Confused

help me, ty

Feed the Vulture - Imperial Sun (Kmp) Making of

Zup bitches Happy we just got our studio song release, so I created this video of the making of, hope you guys like it Happy is our first studio song so it sounds really cool Big grin view it on HD for better sound and video <3 I'm the singer of the band and the drummer is an ex quaker nixter, maybe some of you remember him.

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