Excessive Plus Future - Join Volunteers Team

Hi Excessive Plus Survivors!

Yes, we have a problem..., more than one.

The Certificate issue of this website seems to be the element which shows, possibly how much we have been abandoned and possibly the MOD development too.

I want to sincerely thank the Dev Team to have made this great unique Excessive Plus mod, for free. Keep in mind that whatever I say, I keep in consideration that Real Life is the main thing which to care about as health, family, children, job, fun, etc... .

Sometimes it would have been positive to use some transparency in the project development advancement(ex: are you planning something new? Are you observing some new feature which could be implemented in E+ mod? Do we have to expect some suprise? Or it is the end?)

What it looks like today (soon 2017), is that our E+ "dad" has abandoned their children. But children can do 2 things: wait that dad comes back, or.. begin to stand up and walk by their own feet.

E+ mod has a power which doesn't shine, because of the methods not used to highlight it.
I have tons of ideas, some not-yet-clear plans, regrouped with povs and ideas of the other good members of E+ community.
This game can have a future, as the entire Platform can be used taking advantage of all the latest Technologies & techniques.

I think that at this point of the story, we don't need "everything at once!", but we can take our time cooperating, step by step as volunteers.
There are solutions, and we can start from things which have no costs.

The point of all this topic resume with the sentence below:

We have in mind to make a new website for Excessive Plus(I won't tell you the details now, but it will be free).

I would like to form a team of volunteers. There are no obligations of time/money, nor deadlines.
So, let's go guys, sign in under this topic, whoever of you could give its little help to make things working better and improve everything writing a new capter.
I will discuss the rest, when the right time comes.

Please share this post or address your quaker friends, also E+ clans alive or half alive. Call back the brotherhood.


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