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PlusN tips: How to set your keyboard & mouse

Hello guys!

I have created this content in case of some future improvement of E+.

This is a QWERTY Keyboard + Mouse layout sample to give an idea of how you can set all weapons and start your approach to plusN advanced skill config.

You will slowly be able to control 9 weapons if you hold on playing and practicing.

Here are two pics of a QWERTY keyboard and a random gaming mouse.

Which are these 9 weapons?
Gauntlet, Machinegun(MG), Shotgun(SG), Las

Excessive Plus Future - Join Volunteers Team

Hi Excessive Plus Survivors!

Yes, we have a problem..., more than one.

The Certificate issue of this website seems to be the element which shows, possibly how much we have been abandoned and possibly the MOD development too.

[=#00bf3a]I want to sincerely thank the Dev Team to have made this great unique Excessive Plus mod, for free. Keep in mind that whatever I say, I keep in consideration that Real Life is the main thing which to care about as health, family, children, job, fun, etc...

Excessiveplus stand alone project and ideas

Hi everyone!

As I said many times on BEER.FREEZER here we all like this mod, but year by year things became weird so that now we are "4 cats" surviving active.

The worst thing I've observed in all those years is how this powerful "engine" is so badly neglected.We all complain me included, but we should move to solve the problems, find the ways but fix things.
There is a concept we have: "Resurrect" E+.We use it because we are the older players, so that yes, it

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