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.DoK. Crazy: Hi Mona, beer freezer is always there. I take care of it when needed. However it seems sometimes to disappear. A server restart usually fixes the problem.

JIVA: Roman Griffin Davis https://secures...

JIVA: view 1 hour https://postimg...

oj: liczydło egipske zagineło dlatego wyniki są do bani-klasyfikacja +ranking

[MRS.]MONA: Is Beer Freezer gone forever, or temporarily?

|¯FC_| Suchspeed<-: The only thing that died is your will to continue playing

*ZMB*SEEBZ*: I can’t believe this site still exists

JIVA: BF6 was played slowly less than 20 players a week in spider, admin stop support non played server

KaFa: @jiva where has SpaceStation BF6 gone?

[MR.]KAKTUS: Hej from old fart

q3fun: Just interesting read "i have only 20 fps", you play with nokia 3310?
Or my monitor 240hz, but this not work..

JIVA: i try on tiger server experimental cfg high sv_fps rate and maxpackets

JIVA: remember CCCP gracia voron

q3fun: Alone 1200 HB!

KaFa: Activate SpaceStation BF6 pls.

oj: he results and statistics are calculated by a Martian who is sick with sackcloth

oj: ha ha ha