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(*WASP*BIGB▲DDUCK): ninja is better than fairy

JIVA: my youtube have 36k shows page, my twitch have 22k shows page, my youtube have in last month 126 plays, 88 visitors, my twitch have in last month 18 plays, 12 visitors

CRUCIFIX*KoD: Yo! Happy Is this place still alive? Tongue I miss old q3 Happy

q3fun: wow
i probably drunk, i badduck posts see

JIVA: server spider sort by rank not work , connection to master server timeout , what happen ?

randomName: @Tito thx ! Happy

(:(: *Tito* :):): randomname the invite link is at:
http://quake.ok... , look for excessiveplus channel once in

(*WASP*BIGB▲DDUCK): i should be made admin of freon already, want ban privileges for the likes of tito etc

(*WASP*BIGB▲DDUCK): freon only needs 5-6 map rotation, so much more efficient that way

(*WASP*BIGB▲DDUCK): i be causing havoc on freon

(*WASP*BIGB▲DDUCK): ffs can someone pls tell booper to give me my legends tag, and also where is my WST tag?

randomName: Hi ! Is there an official E+ Discord server ?

(*WASP*SH▲DOWKNIGHT): nop, ! Freon ! always up and I started freon bf6 server back up, is similar to bf6

! Freon ! Station BF6

KaFa: Damn! After SpaceStation BF6, Freon server is missing too.

GREEN: Don't use caps lock Bopoh

q3fun: Hello Eplus. I'm the one who didn't let this fashion die.

(*WASP*SH▲DOWKNIGHT): Yeah site time error, works on mobile but not on desktop..

|¯FC_| Suchspeed<-: Teq noob, sup, all good?)

GREEN: hi Big noob Tongue

tequila ~ horizon: hi noobs