All Shouts

stylish: Hi guys :)glad to see you)

dormouse: Beki i send to u "hi" from Wellington xd

BEKI: Bastards! You still chilling here? Big grin

dormouse: Benek are u still here? xd

-C4-SNAKE: wuhuhu whats upp

[MR.]MIRCWAR: Half-Life and by extension CS was based on it aswell.

CZE|BEAZT: You forgot Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2 and i think there was one more game from 3rs person view built on quake 3 engine

JIVA: quake engine memories: return to castle wolfenstein, jedi star wars, cowboys, car stunt rally in engine, world of padman, urban terror, and quake 3 , osp cpma defrag ,excessiveplus. later quake live.

glinnie: Jordan Peterson rule!

XV!BENEDYKT: How about fragfest ;>?

Lir: Heya !