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DR*DIABLO: i don't believe lol tomma'? ahaha pass by my bar in padova to get some drink u fucker Tongue

You Fuckers: Yes. I am still alive. Turds.

echooo ^: keya = srala guska = cheater banned Hee hee suka

Jabs: 2gud4rusrail


(*WASP*NOOPIK): Special for jokers. I am not 108. 108 Play little better.

CRAZY: @thescreenlickeR bcoz it sucks ?

2!S*Monk.: Nice to see poq3dm5 is on air again with this new server. will see how my ping is.

EUGEN: killa stream e+ https://www.twi...

_WindowlickeR: or Why don't you simply go to !TDM Rail *ELITE'Z*

CRAZY: freeze (hide and seek) game mode is slow. No1 reason I dont like playing on beer freezer

[MR.]FRRR: Why don't you simply go to beer freezer and forget about rus rail servers? I was kicked or banned everytime i played there Sleepy

PIG: Daisy And Green were banned on Rus Rail Freez,whos Next?is safety to be a noob (:

mago**: Sparta never die

EVILUTION: the same way it didnt die 5 years or 10 years ago