All Shouts

Sleeper: Hi.

(*WASP*ROTO): Welcome. Happy

unique * mnc: Thanks Roto for the help... and hello everyone, it's been a while Winking

superbad!: configs here: https://www.exc...

JIVA: my quake https://www.tig... contain plusN conf

unique * mnc: Can I still download PlusN somewhere?

JIVA: 16 years 32 weeks

MuTAnT.: Hello

|¯FC_| Edi<-: Hi Mutis

AOC * UNDER!: hi

equinox: 12 years one week, hi all!

2!S*BEAZT: Only 16 years 41 weeks here. I played since 2004 but I registered here in 2006 when I joined my first clan.

[MRS.]MONA: Member for 18 years 25 weeks Winking

DEFCON*RKT: Member for
16 years 35 weeks, dohhh...

DEFCON*RKT: buhuhu

akro.: hello

Imperial: Hello pple

[MR.]MAGICTL: maybe 10years is enought to...

[MR.]MAGICTL: they forgot me here Sad