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xv!benedykt.: rail4ever
any1 up for 1v1 at late night? ~23?

epsiplayer: where are you banned?

DR*DIABLO: come here we gonna tear ur underwears Tongue

troll-e: tear off shirts Happy

DR*DIABLO: eheheh ))))

xv!benedykt.: its simple i have no respect for such kind of person. eot Happy

DR*DIABLO: ye now its trouble in fb group with bene joined, btw tomek, did u also add as fiends JUMPS FPS? ahah Tongue

xv!benedykt.: Sake probably half of warsaw ip are banned Tongue have same problem, works with proxy or mobile net. BTW check PM in FB.

[MR.]FRRR: Where are you banned Sake? I don't see any bans for you on the site. http://oi64.tin...

THC * SAKE: why im banned? Happy ahhhaha

dincylution and FC SuchShit my favourite gay boys owning each other ahah

|¯FC_| Suchspeed<-: Shut up evilution , u re like dincy in boy versión



DR*DIABLO: u both are an insult to me, shut up lol Tongue

EVILUTION: You're an insult to humanity risto