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EAZY E: Zuszek Faja

|¯FC_| Suchspeed<-: Lsf too

UFFAS * DSS: thc still alive?

JIVA: auto download maps fix
tracker https://www.tig...
Quake 3 Arena videos
video 1 https://youtu.b...
video 2 https://youtu.b...
video 3 https://youtu.b...

mamiblue: buenas noches

zuszek85: duck nob

Matt: go freon Tongue

V1979: It seems there is no one here for many days

Ingvar: Feel the hardcore in a familiar map. Try to kill a fast moving opponent. Hardcore ctf - for those who are not friends with brains)

JIVA: https://www.tig... join my group , servers run again

JIVA: JIVA's servers automatic download work now repaired https://www.exc...

shaprc: JIVA your rabbit hole server point the map http downloads to a server that returns 404 not found.

spammer: it's drunk dialect Winking

UFFAS * DSS: damn, googel translate can't even translate this

spammer: hey ganjubas LIBERTY and say hello bohop!

spammer: hey, i say veru bug vs me play

oj: but eggs - scoring done by UFOs


spammer: PS more not work?? WTF??