All Shouts

q3fun: Go Freon!

(*WASP*SH▲DOWKNIGHT): Your insult is more genius, learn to use good keys.

...: thanks for the info genius

JOHN_SHEPPARD: All who was banned, ban was a mistake, bug, was banned 1 player by cd key, and system banned all who had same cd key. Later he cleared ban list and unbanned all players

Carlitos X: wallhack? jajaja where are demo'

...: Lazy Lazer

Carlitos X: who ban me¿

q3fun: HB ELITE!

|¯FC_| Suchspeed<-: wow, nice to see abdallah, nanamoon, ufas, shadow, how nostalgic, all those nicknames i used to kick ass

(*WASP*SH▲DOWKNIGHT): ufas vibes Sleepy

UFFAS * DSS: I hope life is not treating you well, not amazing to see e+ live, i don't miss the old days, so few thrilling moments, that's what Nana meant <--

NanamoOOon: Yuhuu! just passing by, Hi to the people I met here, I hope life is treating you well!
Amazing to see e+ is still alive, I miss the old days! So many thrilling memories.

(*WASP*SH▲DOWKNIGHT): For plusn tag check out freon, e5r is also active again on ctf Winking

ABDALLAH: Good morning E+ very long time Happy, i miss the old days, are there still fun going around, nice servers etc?
Instead of reading R.I.P where's the joy guys, abscenece of joy leads us to drugs then to die young isn't it, Fuuu** let's frag damn it! Salute to

q3fun: rly?

...: biotrix develops maps