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3M'blackrose: hey guys. nice to see familiar players Big grin

mickey :): this week, you'll be licking the ice cream, sticking out of my ass

rUnThEoN?!: I banned you for insulting and i guess it just extended.
I will revisit the Situation later this week when i have time.

mickey :): idiot who gave me a ban, can suck japanesse short cock

q3fun: hi equinox! long time..
how a you?

equinox: nope, I came back to europe because of corona lol think I'm gonna be here a month or two, so let's have some gg in the meantime

(*WASP*SH▲DOWKNIGHT): ye.. still in asia ?

equinox: hi shadow, long time no see Happy

(*WASP*SH▲DOWKNIGHT): yo teacher Happy

equinox: another blast from the past is in the house lol

equinox: yo yo

V1979: With what config to play CTF ?

Zef1ro: nice shot man!

rUnThEoN?!: when you put a e+ player into csgo

q3fun: So let's war tonight on freon!
CTF CUP good idea! Even if 1v1

Dr.Pants|<<: My main man Trax ! how u doing bro ? Every saturday im able to play around 21:00 dutch time for some CTF. let me know if ur in for a 1v1 ctf1 xD . Peace out ;]

(*WASP*SH▲DOWKNIGHT): all our servers were down for a wile yesterday

q3fun: illegible server message xD
use win7 bro Big grin

TraX [EN]: cant connect to freon. cl_parseservermessage: illegible server message. Whats that?

(*WASP*SH▲DOWKNIGHT): follow this guide http://quake.ok...