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oj: PL r [+]
last seen 1 day ago 7 min 5 sec 40

superbad!: crazy Happy

(*WASP*SH▲DOWKNIGHT): I'll be back Tuesday, setting new pc and servers for managing q3, pics on discord

q3fun: go play

oj: ha ha ha I played 1 minute, 7 seconds and calculated 3 minutes R, c retro ffa

q3fun: Where fuckin admin in friday

q3fun: Hello! Where SK?

q3fun: Go to Freon!

CRAZY: spam Tongue

EUGEN: thx

(*WASP*MOOTYW): eugen HB Big grin

(*WASP*MOOTYW): Sleepy

.malombo'unt: 8

.malombo'unt: All from March Cool))

(*WASP*SH▲DOWKNIGHT): ill add the 156 2morrow and place moty on second place Happy the 170 was based on the rail only config we had.
J attach it to our freon forum , attached to e+ like moty did

(*WASP*MOOTYW): I'm an old date (-: I know, when these results were done, there were other times, come on, the "players" slowly come back, look like you

Jabs: https://imgur.c... a quite recent for you (:

(*WASP*MOOTYW): i know ( - :