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KOMPR3SSOR * 3U: wtf no more Freon ? Sad

JIVA: update dm17 server list to q3config.cfg add https://www.exc...

superbad!: freon railctf is poping sometimes.

shaprc: there are more than enough servers. it's the players that are too few.

RATWSMILEY: there aren't many rail servers anymore too bad
I loved playing ctf Rail all the old players are gone

JIVA: visit server spider, i will support dm17 playing with my server

EVOL.GLUON: Jusr wanna say hello! Long time no play, but Q3A is somehow deep in my hearth Happy. Started playing something like 18 years ago. OMG Happy.

JIVA: https://tigerha... characters and game progress fixed url

shaprc: is the master server dead again?

JIVA: i will invite you to play diablo 2 lord of destruction with me. Here you can download game , beware virus in diablo1 , https://drive.g... and here i have game characters https://www.tig...

heat'ko: Member for
17 years 48 weeks Winking

JIVA: go to mine https://discord... 50 people online drunk clown invite

COVID-19v2: how you dal with drunks Happy

JIVA: hey shaperc, hey drunkwarrior. Come to my discord server speaking drunk words there, i will be tolerant admin. check https://discord...

SHADOWKDE: long time not play this game

SHADOWKDE: Member for
16 years 46 weeks lol