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Pinky*Punk: bio-robots
human mass is just biomass

RUS55!: thank u,meteorkid

superbad!: we are content with obnoxious signatures, we should all use a 1080p image we can admire every other post. this is its trashcan home to stew in with the lid closed.


q3fun: bio not shadow? nice bio if no Winking

METEORKID: Biotrix thats nice video. I like the motion cuts you put in some of the shot cuts.

METEORKID: just came back from copenhagen and Malmö. Two very intresting places. o_o

Sha Re: democracy = hypocrisy

Lir: well democracy is about not voting again when vote has been completed. i think.

keya: ok sry... 1 map 1 vote

(*WASP*SH▲DOWKNIGHT): keya wont stop spamming it , and ive been told by a few to ban keya , or remove the vote , so I'm removing the vote for a week, Your allowed to vote anything once per map , but keya spams this vote 3 times per map.

keya: yes, please return the opportunity callvote items off

BOD.KABAR: why is callvote items off unavailable on freon? been used too many times?

Tadd: hello anyone 1v1 mr server ?

(*WASP*SH▲DOWKNIGHT): up in 5 minutes'

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