All Shouts

[MR.]FRRR: Hey Blasph

bopoh: ! Freon !
go play)

You Fuckers: It appears ppl remember me lol

METEORKID: Blas yo, its been long time dude. Happy

GREEN: Yo italian niga! Big grin

(*WASP*MOOTYW): ban\

bopoh: HB ZARZYN!

almost the same age, but I'm a month older

You Fuckers: hi fuckholes. Missed me?


rUnThEoN?!: thx green Winking


RATW'KROKO: Cheat ?? No I just want to use the TS again but it wants pw Sad

(*WASP*MOOTYW): cheat?

RATW'KROKO: Can I get permisson for it again ? Sad Anyone knows the PW

RATW'KROKO: Why is the TS locked ?!

B O T: Anyone wanna play?

B O T: Hi

GREEN: HB Tobias!

(*WASP*MOOTYW): freon go who play now ?