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JIVA: tiger server up again mushroom and xnature 1 year

JIVA: steam ladder https://steamla...

JIVA: create program code wanted , look here https://www.per...

spammer: accepted

UFFAS * DSS: i have 10 days left for fw guys, after 10 days, i can't play for 1,5 month lol

spammer: so? VERY BIG FW??

spammer: we it not need! refeеry skull - pay refeery 100 bax- who lose!

UFFAS * DSS: beer anticheat unfixable by client, maybe by server admin - yes. /exec blablablapotatoSake.cfg , you can make separate cfg with weapons and chat scripts too, then /exec POTATOEweapons+chat4Sake.cfg, it will merge to q3config.cfg in '/eplus' folder

THC * SAKE: how to fix PureSkill01 on beer?

THC * SAKE: good question

THC * MISSILE: hmm how to update anticheat system from beer ?

THC * SAKE: how to load config? Big grin exec?

THC * SAKE: missle

UFFAS * DSS: no way, with ffa league you can go do teletubies league instead

spammer: HM, UFAS.. FFA LEAGUE 2022 MB! NO PRIZE - only fishing

spammer: bazz?

spammer: UFAS, will be soon FW vs THC, if you want to participate - i can create FunClub (FC), tell me - me need you!

UFFAS * DSS: yup, tdm 2021-2022 plusN contimues, 1st place prize Bopoh House, 2nd place prize Bopoh Car (or horse), 3rd place prize oj bikini bottom, 4th place prize doesn't matter, cause we don't have enough clans