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..m1ke..: I wanna share this bootleg for more funny matches:

..m1ke..: Oh okay then. His style like a pro bot, who get the most frags every time haha.

FUBAR*ELITE'Z: Yeah it was Zefiro from Chile SK, an amazing player with a 200+ ping , I watched him and knew who it was right away , normally plays with the name HotSocks lol

makuzi the inuk: got q3a recently but been seeing it played for years, kinda weird that the single player map Q3DM0 told me to go here to get the map.

makuzi the inuk: hi

equinox: then step up Mike and learn how to play instead of feeling frustrated Big grin

..m1ke..: I can see suspicious players, who are mostly playing on dm17. I don't think so they are really cheating, but they are frustrating a bit lol.

(*WASP*SH▲DOWKNIGHT): Lagy from chile is zefiro 200+ ping, not cheating if is zef, i can confirm hes ip fubar, if u get it

..m1ke..: He/She changing the name. The last one was "Lagy".


FUBAR*ELITE'Z: What name m1ke ? bloody logfile isn't working as well

..m1ke..: Oof. Frag "bot" on eradm17 with large ping. 100 k/7 d

TurkZ: Hi!

Voron: AK, you must give invite to event - FFA AIM Champion 2020!
vote please F1..

akro.: Hi

(*WASP*SH▲DOWKNIGHT): beng is there, invite is on, and for an updated engine files and guide look on http://quake.ok...

..m1ke..: Sounds good! I keep checking the server from this site.

(*WASP*SH▲DOWKNIGHT): I'll start making at least 2 ctf events per week on freon , scheduled and announced on our discord, will plan over this weekend

..m1ke..: I miss big CTF matches!