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.[]F*MOMMO.: hi what is the password on TS

CIgaro: Hello. I wanted to play, but it didn't work. What should I install? I forgot everything

superbad!: try q3e.exe, try compatability mode xp sp3 (i dont need that, set xp_drawconsole 0. no idea what cutting means.

Sha Re: fuck windows 10

kobixon: help me someone

kobixon: windows 10 cutting quake?

kobixon: hi motherfukerz

AOC * UNDER!: Kiss

q3fun: xv/benedykt HI!

EVILUTION: well hello there gents, long time no c


METEORKID: 14th of feb I fly to canada. its getting close. wont be able to play quake for a while. while Im getting setup.

xv!benedykt.: HELLo!

superbad!: yeh you got it. hyper*gladi, slowdaddys son. havent seen either of them in last 7 years or so

kszksz: Oh okay, I wasn’t sure. I think there was hyper player Gladiator? Gladi? I’m completely confused now. Or was it someone else, dunno anymore

(*WASP*SH▲DOWKNIGHT): ummmm , how are you logged in ? password saved ? look on browser for saved passwords list