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.aNk/xXxp4l/:bR.Shady'XYN!: You got familiar with someone you don't personally know, that is disrespect...

JIVA: play DM17 at Monday https://www.exc...

|¯FC_| Suchspeed<-: Ye lets make e+ great again

[MR.]MIRCWAR: I have to know him personally to return his greeting that he adressed to all? Stop being an overbearing clown.

.aNk/xXxp4l/:bR.Shady'XYN!: MIRCRWAR, you don't personally know edy. Also hi DIABLO, you helped my Universtiy friend get a place in Prague in 2012! Respect


|¯FC_| Suchspeed<-: Edy you were gone when the community needed you, now when its all ended you come.

[MR.]MIRCWAR: Edy Surprise Hello

edy+: good evening everyone

FUBAR*ELITE'Z: EddyD, I think it's just a command . Multi Jumps = 4;

_LB: NOOB keeps o pestering everyone with his childish behavior. I dont care if he wins, it's the asshole part that bothers me and others. Just go away.

EddyD: Hi. Does anyone know how to create the multi-jump function on a server? Is it a command or a mod?

JIVA: quake all servers lag fix phlease