Quake Champions - Debut Gameplay.

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Re: Quake Champions - Debut Gameplay.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGMuhh6Jq9U exiting new quake


since my pc with all axe server and q3 linux klient failed, it past long time wihtout e+ Confused, now im working allmost all my free time, i need that.. so i am missing those cool excessive days with LNT, ufas and other great palls here and there

well i would like to see e+ on quake cahmpions aestetic level - modern graphics Big grin ii gues thats just a dream

anyway i realy like original q3 soundracs on most default maps, atmosphere, i miss e5 speed and madness, i love plus freeze tag, beer server, still i miss my own server setup, and own moded plus config that was a bit more balanced, not only arround rail

i saw and tryed in past couple realy great q3 mods those reminded exceesive, and including original mr pant excessive, and most of them died - cause ended as rail only games whres rail was totaly unbeatable, other weapons were totaly useles, no mather what u do u die from campy rail = dead mod, im afraid that same is happening to eplus mod... but i have hopes

@ current, what i left behind me for e+ is moddb entry at with im still keeeping my eye, its a great place to show off e+ for other people, then i started it there were many people coming and visiting taht entry (stats are available to me) at moddb it was dead entry - but i was lucky and got admin rights directly form creator Happy, im interested to make a connection betwen e+ and steam


and me ? e+ FTW all the way, no match for this freedom

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Re: Quake Champions - Debut Gameplay.

Quake 3 is far better than this.