Superstition anyone?


23-12-13 REST IN PEACE

Today a great man died, his name Mikhail Kalashnikov. A man whose invention changed forever humankind, a man who provided people with a cheap, reliable way to get rid of other people. Spasibo, Misha, thank to you less fuckers around for sure.See you on the other side, comrade!


My arrangement of "Zeitgeist, the movie" main theme for guitar. Hope you enjoy!


New year soon, so I prepare some gifts for you. : d

How are you here?

-Stqrm, with love. : )


Hello Fellow quakers I have an announce to make Happy
I'm working on my startup called "Viume" is going to be a creative connecting people social network but in the way it should be, letting the users have their own style and have so much new innovations like 3D and so on in the social network.
I encourage you to signup with your e-mail address for the notify process.
You can signup here:
Support what this fellow quaker is doing and what I will do to change the way we communicate with this brand new social network.

The Smash Brothers

I found this amazing documentary and i thought I'd share it with you. Every part is worth watching imo, full of interesting personalities and history of an awesome game/community. Reminded me of the E+ Community in some aspects. Very few dedicated players having fun Happy

Playlist with all parts:

Timezone struggle

A new BBCode has been added to help organizing events across different timezones.

Let's assume a user from Moscow needs to set a time for a clan war. Living in the GMT+4 timezone it could look like that:

Clan war at 15.11.2013 18:00 GMT+2?

Clan war at [time]15.11.2013 20:00 GMT+4[/time]?

Clanmates from Moscow will see this as 20:00, while someone from Italy will see 17:00.

You can set your own timezone in your user preferences.

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