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The Smash Brothers

I found this amazing documentary and i thought I'd share it with you. Every part is worth watching imo, full of interesting personalities and history of an awesome game/community. Reminded me of the E+ Community in some aspects. Very few dedicated players having fun Happy

Playlist with all parts:

Chisinau Video

Hey, I made another video that i wanted to share with you and hear your thoughts about it. Its the only video i shot from my travel to Chisinau, Moldova and I tried to make something cool out of it by adding some (selfmade) music:

p.s: in case you didnt see my old, superawesome video, here it is again:

Rixo's world trip - 4land

I finally managed to finish the video of my last year's world trip.
Sadly the quality sucks, i could provide a link to a better quality download if you want.
Consider this my christmas present Happy

edit: oi i totally forgot about the info
The video is pretty chronologic, these were my stops:
1 month in Nepal, mainly Kathmandu, Pokhara and a 10 day Hike to Annapurna Base Camp and back
2 months in Thailand-Cambodia-Thailand (starts with the blinky tower) where we visited loads of places but unfortunately all my footage of Cambodia is the crocodiles and the Sea

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