My great friend's brother needs your help.

Hello guys.

My great friend's brother has been diagnosed with brain tumor and he needs your help. His story is written in the link below and is absolutely true. His cousin started the foundation for him.

They already got over $10,000 and it has already helped him and the best thing of that it still does help him! He's already buying the medicines needed from the foundation account which he couldn't pay with his private and his family money. It would ruin them hard.

Please, if you can manage to donate even $1 it would be greatly appreciated.

Useful and affordable equipments

At free online dictionaries.. I found that they don't always provide true meanings.. and in some cases, they happen to have very abusive words as meanings of other words which have ways different meanings than they provide them as..

Happy Halloween Month

This design I made for this month halloween hope you like it, and don't forget to visit my site for more future backgrounds/wallpapers at hope you put it as your desktop background this month Happy share your screenshot Big grin

3rd Ban Blues by Blasphemy

A new single from blas

listen/download here :


You had to prove you grew some balls
Yet you let the cheaters mock the community whole

You should have listened to my advice
And brutalize those polish mice

You may got the power, you may be in charge
Still in my eyes you are a damn retard

And I’ll be back unless I’m dead
To spit on you, damn shitheads

This place is diseased, fourth-ban me please

listen, downoad and rate, soon aviable on iTunes and soundcloud.

this song was recorded without usi

Uselessness of the fifth(little finger)

You Fuckers wrote:

I mean you don't use your fucking fifth finger for anything, it is fucking good for nothing. Just think of the movements in which 5th finger is involved. It is fucking good for nothing. I mean you don't send text message on yout fuckign mobile with your 5th finger. Not even on a fucking touch pad. You are not using your 5th finger to play quake. Well, actually i use my left fifth finger to play quake, but not the right one so that one is completely worth mutilation.

I confess, I'm cheating

...I'm cheating, but in GTA IV Tongue
I recently installed the GTA IV because of boringness and to check if anyone still plays on the multiplayer
But mostly I have fun with cheats that can do almost anything in gta 4 or other funny mods like Iron Man Happy

oh, theres also Hulk mod Big grin

and plenty of others + lot of new cars/models/maps and so on...

btw I am happy as cheats doesnt work in multiplayer (or atleast most of them)
at the premiere of gta iv in multiplayer after weeks/months or so there


is fucking good

click here if you like metal (ONLY) :D

zupp E+ I just uploaded a video I record myself yesterday covering a song from Heaven Shall Burn - counterweight.
Hope you like it Happy

Confession time for me too

Dear e+ community, Since it seems everyone is cleaning his own closet, I guess I should as well confess to this community something I kept hid for all this time. If i don't write this here I won't be able to forgive myself and even watch my reflection in the mirror for being such a liar. I didn't know she was 17. She told me that she was 21, i thought at least 18. I didn't mean it. I'm sorry, I will now let ranking mods do their job.

Happy Fathers Day

zup e+ here in mexico dunno around the world is Father's Day Happy I want to give you a huge congratz to all those quaker fathers around E+ Happy have a nice day and keep rocking Winking

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