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Timezone struggle

A new BBCode has been added to help organizing events across different timezones.

Let's assume a user from Moscow needs to set a time for a clan war. Living in the GMT+4 timezone it could look like that:

Clan war at 15.11.2013 18:00 GMT+2?

Clan war at [time]15.11.2013 20:00 GMT+4[/time]?

Clanmates from Moscow will see this as 20:00, while someone from Italy will see 17:00.

You can set your own timezone in your user preferences.

QConnect update

Recently I've found the old sources to QConnect and decided to fix it up and release a first public version.

This is an early version and does not contain all planed features. But it already can fully replace the old QConnect and offers a bit more comfort, e.g.

Animated screennames

You can now enable animated screennames in your account preferences > Edit > Screenname > Animated Image.

Once enabled it will use such animated images for user screennames. Just be warned, depending on your browser and/or hardware this can slow down your daily experience on this website.

It is disabled by default for newly created accounts.

Documentation volunteers

In our ongoing process "More power to the community" we have allowed everyone to contribute to the mod documentation.

If you think you could help us writing a decent documentation or update existing entries, just head over to the Documentation and start editing.

This will help both, old players and maybe new visitors to find out more about Excessive Plus and all of it's functionality.
If you feel there is an missing section that you could contribute, feel free to contact a site administrator to get it added.

Missing maps

As of the moment, there are some maps missing a download link in the server spider.
This makes it harder to spread good/popular maps to new players, as the default ingame download method is pretty limited.

So if you have any of the listed maps, please upload it to our map archive.


Uploading will require an FTP client like FileZilla but also Windows Explorer allows FTP connections.

First steps

Well, the site finally seems to work.

Currently clan registration is disabled. If your clan had an forum on the old site, please contact a clandb moderator to get it assigned back to you and your clan. This will make the forum visible again and the private forum accessible for your clan mates.

Let's see how it works out, the work has just began..

I will try to fill this blog with new additions made to this place.

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