New Website e+

Warap mah people from e+ I just re-designed my website with responsive layout and all that, and just been featured on cssmania Happy with one of the best designs around the world.

Just want it to let you know why I've been so busy I haven't play quake this days, anyway if you want to support and check out my new website go here Happy


Hello people

Hi, everybody...! I will be glad to acquaintance

Special for Den: I made it ...



Happy new year :)

This has been only my first half year with E+, but in this time I've gained lots of friends
I'd like to thank ELITE'Z clan, REGULON, GMZ, Meteorkid, Asphyx and rest of the comunity for support, help and just being the people you are Happy
Happy new year everyone, even tho the time is not yet,
may the frags count grow in this next year for everyone Happy

those who were not mentioned in this post, please dont be mad at me, you mean a lot to me too Happy

Allright europe people ...

since is more late there than here in america, I want to give you a Warm New Year's Eve , may this year be a better one than the one just passed away "2012" and best of luck from me Happy <3

love u lotzzz quaker people n__n from Mexico | Damian <3 fa sho0o0oo0o0o0o0o0o0 c: <- hehe

Merry christmas all :****

Merry christmas noobs!

Merry christmas to all of you!

As I have been getting alot of PMs lately and requests ingame regarding my cfg I might aswell give it a go, as a christmas present.

Have fun and enjoy!

My first carrrr

Allright people well Im just too excited today I bought my first car Happy and I want it to share it with you <3

Is a VW PASSAT 2000 n__n and there is the picture Winking soo happy n__n


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