Lucky Moments

I love those lucky moments when you stumble upon something extraordinary that you didn't expect at all. I had such a moment today when I was bored and lurking through the SoundCloud and I somehow ended up in a collection of tracks of one of my favourite netlabels, featuring an amazing band that was yet unknown to me, called "Tracing Arcs".

I can highly recommend this free album to everyone with an eclectic taste in music. Sadly the label's website is currently broken (due to redesign or something) but you can find all tracks on I'm looping "So beautiful" and "Sheep & Tides" for an hour or so, two absolutely diverse yet stunning tracks!

01. Deep Breath
02. Consequences of Love
03. Pebbles & Weed
04. So beautiful
05. Sheep & Tides
06. Wildworld
07. Recovery

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Re: Lucky Moments

You're lucky you didn't posted your pictures anywhere because I'd paint you on my wall and call my new God because of this amazing upload. Seriously, it blow my mind up yesterday before going to sleep. Slept very well :) Today going to do the same.

Thank you for sharing!

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Re: Lucky Moments

Nice catch Bozo, loving it Winking

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Re: Lucky Moments

good music, but im in love with lana del ray and depeche mode at the moment Happy

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Re: Lucky Moments

I love it, making me thinking about Björg Nyberg or Tycho musics.
Thanks for sharing this, I have a big lack of this kind of musics.

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