Hello. I would like to inform you that there are new servers:

Q3ALIVE.NET|Q3A|1V1 railinspiration.cfg (slightly modified) /connect

Q3ALIVE.NET|Q3A|FFA railinspiration.cfg (slightly modified) /connect

Who is not convenient to connect through the command connection can download the patched client, who has the first master server

Voted for president as I promised!!!

Yesterday in Serbia was presidential elections and of course I was there to give my vote to one who I premised I will give... Nothing more to say!

Photographic workshop

Its 18-20 may. More info:

Welcome to [Diablo Server]

Type of server: Public
Server ip:
Server slots: 16
Server config: IFT
Gametype: Freeze Tag
Timelimit: 20 Minutes
Fraglimit: 20
Friendly Fire: OFF

QL isn't so insta after all :c

I have a strong compulsion to write a blog about the whole rage about "QLinsta" within this community. Plenty of things seemed wrong to me. First of all, I've been here since 2006, and that whole attitude of "you came to our mod and you change things" seemed very amateurish to me, since every config community goes through major alterations every 18 months or so.

[A-Ones] InstaGib Slow Rail Pickup


Pickup game is a game that starts by a spontaneously group of players, which connected to the IRC chat room. In other words, this is organized type of public server.

I have an idea

This might be interesting, I was thinking that in e+ scene atm are few clans instead of what we used to have in the past with more players playing this mod etc... so I kinda hate that many players join 1 clan and that clan has lot of members but just some of them play wars since the other ones need to spec, so point here is .

We are Recruiting

Me and Azrael are creating re-building DVINSK Clan or maybe we will use another name but we are in the search for 2 more members, if you are strong, active player let us know, we will put this in the blog as well in the Forums.
Thank you!

Quake Live videos, my default setup?


I made a video on Quake Live, which would be my default settings if there is no problems or errors about it.
For this, I would like you criticize this video. Thanks for answers.

Link for Youtube (better quality) :

Kony 2012

Hey, Lets all support the famous KONY 2012 now Tongue

uh wait a moment, Let me show you first a little truth behind that, a whole hoax
Look how the same guy that 'invented' and 'run' whole kony 2012 behaving now:

In my opinion the guy just cracked, couldnt stand the pressure of all of these lies, now you jus

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