Excessiveplus <3 Fraglove XO

It's done.

Excessiveplus Love Fraglove XO

Fraglove brings back the GG.

Arma 2 (free)

For tho's of you who remember Operation flash point and like large
combat simulation (abit like WoT but with less tanks and more other
stuff) here is another free 2 play game i would recommend.

Q3 E+ running online on Android

Hello there, out of curiosity I tried to launch q3 e+ and connect to the Beer Freezer. It worked quite well Winking

Here's the link to watch this video (Depth of Field is quite shallow tho...)

German football has a promissing future...

... soon...

In the shadow of the big European leagues, like the Premier League or the Primera Division some stars were born and will bring a nation a lot of fun: Germany! Except Spain, of course, there is no nation with such a good perspective for the next years.

Therefore the German players are often underestimated! Even before last year, there were no top players from Germany in a foreign league (Except maybe Ballack). Just while the World Cup Sami Khedira and Mesut Özil switched to Real Madrid and promised a bright future.


As you know an Argentinian player (Mariano 'Bich1to' Rossi) will be in QuakeCon, another player made this video for fun, enjoy ^^

More map stuff

Here is a preview video. I should have finish this map by now but i have not worked on it for a long period due to separate studies. Also every time i look at it i always find something i want to change.

BYE BYE and Thank you for a good time

Hello there,

Looks like real life is slapping me real hard and I have to admit... I will not have time to play this game as I once did...I probably won't play at all.
So, short story...i would like to thank you all but as usual some special thanks goe to the followings:
1. RKT CLAN, first and only e5r clan i was in(and still in).

Searching railonly clan

Hi, i'm searching for a railonly clan.
Age: 13
Quake history; 3 years (1 year inactive)
ex-nicks: -
server: I play dm17 with mr.gauntlets and my sister
ex-clans: -
my pure and pb are all fine Happy

hello 2nd, regret for old plus.cfg

hi, does somebody hear me?
years pass by but true love is alive

but i have a question (if you hear me)

can you explain what happend to the old plus.cfg?
all these new health & armor needs make the game too difficult for me
did old configs of freedom disappear in forgotten past? do i understand this right

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