SteelSeries Christmas calendar - WIN :)

[=#ffffff]SteelSeries has launched a Christmas calendar, where you can win prizes every day till Christmas Eve. This year Christmas is celebrated with a calendar and each day prizes will be up for grabs.

The calendar is found over at SteelSeries' Facebook page, find it by clicking here.
Today, December 2, a total of three SteelSeries Sensei will be up for

hell bound :}

Polish people

Help me people - who from the Polish can translate this song into Russian??

[b]Noc w noc, całymi latami

Sen w dzień, gdy ranek za nami

Czas w nas stukał, jak zegar

Nie wiedział nikt, co nam odbierze...

Bo to wszystko przecież miało trwać najwyżej pięć lat

A może mniej...

A to wszystko przecież miało trwać najwyżej pięć lat

Choć się zmienił cały świat - jesteśmy

Zawiruje jeszcze raz - będziemy


Nut w bród, każdy wyśpiewa

Słów, mów, sto wypowiedział

W czas zły i niepogodę

Śmiech, śmiech szedł z

[DeFRaG] Apple- All maps.

A DeFRaG video; I'm waiting for your critical, instead of the fact that times can be improved.

Thanks for watching.

How about designing new interface/bg for the e+ site

I want to know if i can design something more powerfull graphically talking with the e+ site Happy to see if we can be published in css galleries maybe that way we can obtain more people joining the mod and all that.

what do you think ?

100% CPU usage by Quake3 solved

The problem
quake3.exe uses 100% of cpu all the time
lags gameplay and computer

OS Windows 7 64bit
Graphic card ATI Radeon HD4870
Processor Core 2 Duo

Disable Catalyst AI in ATI graphics Control Center

*Image courtesy of google

Game play is back...

Touday, R!C server have return nice game play!

QConnect update

Recently I've found the old sources to QConnect and decided to fix it up and release a first public version.

This is an early version and does not contain all planed features. But it already can fully replace the old QConnect and offers a bit more comfort, e.g.

RESULTS![A-ONES.DE] FRAGFEST -> 06.10.2011/ 21:30 cest


[ZMB] Movie Trailer

Hi e+ !
Let me introduce the new

ZMB Movie Trailer :

I suggest you to watch it in 1080p (if your computer can)

ZMB will release soon the full movie Happy

Happy fraggin' & have fun
Thx for watching.

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