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FYI : la France, a dictatorship rising


As you might know (or not), French government has forced the acceptance of a law by our assembly this 5th May.

This law is about gathering information. All the french network (land network as well as phone network) will be filtered by "black boxes" which every ISPs on the french territory will be forced to use.

Those "black boxes" will be servers that filter the whole network and detect through algorithms a "potentially" dangerous behavior such as planning terrorists act (the good excuse, again) and so.

Yesterday I ate and apple.

Or another useless thing without a link with Quake or E+.

Quake Live videos, my default setup?


I made a video on Quake Live, which would be my default settings if there is no problems or errors about it.
For this, I would like you criticize this video. Thanks for answers.

Link for Youtube (better quality) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJucpVZo0AQ&hd=1

[DeFRaG] Apple- All maps.

A DeFRaG video; I'm waiting for your critical, instead of the fact that times can be improved.

Thanks for watching.

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