FYI : la France, a dictatorship rising


As you might know (or not), French government has forced the acceptance of a law by our assembly this 5th May.

This law is about gathering information. All the french network (land network as well as phone network) will be filtered by "black boxes" which every ISPs on the french territory will be forced to use.

Those "black boxes" will be servers that filter the whole network and detect through algorithms a "potentially" dangerous behavior such as planning terrorists act (the good excuse, again) and so. In fact it's like a public xkeyscore.

Even the foreign countries with the least civil rights that our medias are decrying everyday don't have such totalitarian control...

If I assume this is only frame analyzing, I hope simple encapsulation such as tunneling or trunking will avoid such algorithms to record all the traffic (if you have any idea I'm taker).

This point is certainly the worst of this law but there is many other points in it about gathering information.

Just to let you know that dark days are coming for french people.

Have a good day.

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Re: FYI : la France, a dictatorship rising

We all know the NSA is doing it on an international scale even though it is denying such things.

What would a national surveillance would change to us all ? That is my only question.

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Re: FYI : la France, a dictatorship rising

you are tracked anyway if anyone want to do so. do not share private information

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Re: FYI : la France, a dictatorship rising

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but yeah, this sucks ass, being tracked on anything, this system as always is very strict and searches only for keywords, so if I search loli in google, does that make me curious of what it is or does that make me a lolicon. anyway, secure your hdds with quick termination buttons XD

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Re: FYI : la France, a dictatorship rising


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Re: FYI : la France, a dictatorship rising

I think that there is no danger in it. Postal censorship has been existing during centuries. Of course, private (personal) data should be protected, and it doesn't matter if you are a public or ordinary person. So, just don't send them via Internet or try to encode them properly.
And one more thing: if such gathering and filtering information are going to be legalized, it doesn't mean that they aren't conducted right now (by police, by secret services etc).
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