Quake III Arena video

Hello E+ Community

Yesterday i was digging my files and i found this video of Quake. It was
my test in Software Engineering implementation project when i was in
college 10 years ago. The test was to make a video from whatever we want
and i choose to make Quake 3 Arena DEMO for Promotional purposes. That
was the time i started to play Quake and i liked it very much. I was
playing until i finnish college (2004).

Gifts from my friends :D

this is one happy gift from my friend if you love hate or don't remember who i am send a gift Big grin

any NFL fans around?

Do you support any NFL team?
If you do, write the name of your favorite team.

FTAG/TDM ? map choice

what maps you would like on server ?

these look good any comments would you play these ?

{edit} made made some changes to maps

50 years since Man enters Space

Today is celebrating 50 years since Yuri Gagarin become the 1st cosmonaut - the 1st man to fly into space.
How we would've looked now if he didn't succeeded his flight i don't know but he changed the history and we have 50 years of human missions into space .. maybe in next 100 years we will have star trek! or maybe not, but at least i'll dream to it while i play a game on q3dm17.

I went to the engagement today.

Wish me luck. Happy
I'm inactive this and next week. maybe longer. coz i'm going to trip next monday.
So Cya all. Happy

I'm Leaving...

Well I found a job in another city so I will be moving this saturday over there here in mexico so i will not be able to play quake for some time so I will be IA for some time, I will come back to e+ in future so don't forget about me cuz i never forgot about all of you my quake friends.

Love you all and wish me the best luck in my real life.

- Damian

New server - [Mr.]Slaughterbox TDM

New server: [Mr.]Slaughterbox TDM
[Mr.]Slaughterbox TDM (Amsterdam)

Cfg: plusN (Latest release.)


If anyone has some suggestions about better rotation, post them here.

It's Official.

Found out yesterday I am pregnant with twins... a boy & a girl. So it's official I will never have time for q3/e+ again in the future lol. Due date is August 12, but with twins it's unlikely to make it that far. Happy
Take care everyone! I'll think of you all when I am losing my mind from sleep deprivation. Tongue

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