need help

Hello e+ people, my bro is collecting likes on facebook for participation in "Belgrade Beer Fest" with his reggae band called "Che Guerillaz"

First go to this group on facebook and "Like" it :

than go to this link and "like" the video:

Thank you all in forward, i apreciate it Happy

2nd chance change it!

we are giving 2nd chance to cheaters newbs... why? they said sorry, okay... but we don't know they will change or just mark it... we have punk buster, one more software included into excessive plus mod and Skull who spending his free time on analyzing demos of untrusted players (thanks for your desire) but some people are learning on they faults, that's mean -now they know what don't do to be caught as cheater who's using wallhack or autoshot, they are careful now...

h.a.t.e freestyle 2!

hi all! here is the new team tricking defrag movie by Cop with me and many other trickers.


Animated screennames

You can now enable animated screennames in your account preferences > Edit > Screenname > Animated Image.

Once enabled it will use such animated images for user screennames. Just be warned, depending on your browser and/or hardware this can slow down your daily experience on this website.

It is disabled by default for newly created accounts.

If you had one million euros...

If suddenly you had a cool million in your hot li'l hands, what would you do? Invest? Travel? Spend on gf? Buy a supercar? ....

just curious...after the if today was your last day succes blog Tongue i wanted to make one more with this questions i think will be interesting answers on what would you do if you had one million euros :DD

If today was your last day...

if you know forwards that you would die today, what would you do? please share your opinions to all of us :]

The Beauty Of The Skulls

The Beauty Of The Skulls vol.1 by Andrey Simeonov for sale
That is my catalog with my pencil drawings of my tattoo ideas
41 pages different stiles of skulls and 4 different styles of pencil techniques all of them my design
price 25 euro
for details or questions please PM me or email me on


ok since what i did against deky i know all europe admins will go against me blabla ok i dont care i know what i did was bad, but i want to payback for what he did to me so yes i took my chances and it felt great to ban him from his own server? well asphyxservers anyway.

Q3 High Resolution Pack

Hello I found this Q3 high resolution pack and i want to share it with you all
you can download it on the next link ->

WINNING made easy

Tired of fellow brofessionals (like in image above) having better efficiency than you at Midnight on a weekday? (sometimes even random poles)

Well an efficiency of 36% isn't really that bad... if you think about it (and refer to binary), 0 and 1 are the only digits available.

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