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I've been smoking for 7 years now, and the more i smoke the more i feel my health is becoming threatened by the additives and flavors that tobacco industries are putting into their products. Without those, the pure tobacco dried leaf is not so dangerous (proof is my grandparents who used to smoke homegrown pure tobacco for their entire life and they lived for 80-90 years.Not to mention the economy factor related to smoking. The 1 kg of home made tobacco here costs 15 euros, while the pack of marlboro is ~2 euro. And 1kg of tobacco is enough to roll and smoke for 2 month.

need help

Hello e+ people, my bro is collecting likes on facebook for participation in "Belgrade Beer Fest" with his reggae band called "Che Guerillaz"

First go to this group on facebook and "Like" it :


than go to this link and "like" the video:


Thank you all in forward, i apreciate it Happy

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