jamming with my band :) #metal #deutschland #hsb

Warap guys Happy I'm starting a band with my cousin N1xter, some of you might remember him, we just had our second rehearsal of the band, and I want it to record something of it to show u, at the end the cellphone fell out so the sound at the end sounds blurry, but you can hear the voice & sound, hope you like it Big grin remember is our second rehearsal so be cool Big grin

I'm the singer and n1xter is the drummer Tongue

The miracle of birth :-)

I decided to share with all of you what happened to me and my wife yesterday. 15/12/2014 at 18:52 born the most beautiful girl in the entire universe. She weighs 3950 grams and measures 54 cm. My heart is full of love and happines. For some time I will not play unless I had moments of time when my daughter will sleep.

To Live Is To Die

[=#ffffff]Since the past few days I seen here and there many words of condolence to the death of Robbin Williams..

I been asking myself about the people saying those words, and if they wondered how many people die per day and with violent action.. or how many people wish if they were dead cause of losing a hand or a leg or some part of body in wars (I have seen many lately personally and live, meaning in real life).. and how many people die just a normal death..

The P sektor

Già sento sul mio viso le gocce della pioggia, l'ardore scorre nella trincea, e la sprezzante intesa prima del nuovo assalto, tra gli arditi uniti già in trincea
Vivere, Fino alla fine [color=#fffff

Kompressor the voice mexico

well I just send this video for the auditions "The Voice MX" just want it to share it with you guys <3 Big grin
hope you like it Big grin is in spanish xD Big grin

My band

Hey guys,
No idea if anybody here is into this music style, but I created a new orleans brass band. Here's our first recording (after 1 rehearsel Winking). I'm playing the 2nd trumpet in this video.

Giving away Skype Premium Codes for 1 Year!

Yo, I'm giving away Skype Premium codes that are worth around 72 bucks and are active for 1 year, for free... for now. Later on I will raise the price to a few euros (probably 5 or 10 per code). Anyone interested let me know, anyone wants to buy the codes in bulk (100-500-1000,10k-20k or higher) let me know too.

So who wants a free skype premium code? Buzz here and I'll send you a PM with the code.

Guilty All The Same

I did guitar cover on the new Linkin Park song - Guilty All The Same.If you play guitar too, you can download free tab that I made there. Enjoy, Thanks for watching!


Hello. This is my new arrangement of one beautiful song. Hope you enjoy!

Steelseries 6g v2

Normally I review every good stuff I buy, but I didn't for this one.

Basically its just a very very simple Keyboard with perfection. It is very heavy, you can't adjust its heigh, nor you have any adds, except a fn alike key on the left side (therefor no accidental pressing of winkey). And that one only allows you to adjust multimedia.
It has mechanical keys without pressure point, allowing you to instantly press keys. Combined with a N-Key rollover it just never lets you down, no matter what you press, you will NOT run in ANY problem whatsoever.

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