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Steelseries 6g v2

Normally I review every good stuff I buy, but I didn't for this one.

Basically its just a very very simple Keyboard with perfection. It is very heavy, you can't adjust its heigh, nor you have any adds, except a fn alike key on the left side (therefor no accidental pressing of winkey). And that one only allows you to adjust multimedia.
It has mechanical keys without pressure point, allowing you to instantly press keys. Combined with a N-Key rollover it just never lets you down, no matter what you press, you will NOT run in ANY problem whatsoever.

My Final opinion about steelseries DiabloIII mouse (probably sensei)

been some time since I bought that mouse due to the feeling that I need a symetric mouse for gaming and indeed, it gave me a new feel to the game.
What it didn't give me is the simple Input I need from any gaming mouse, more about that later.

First on, no info I write here is validated, however you guys know that I am trying my best to get everything out of a mouse I own.

First trys month ago after informing myself about what is inside the mouse, I expect it to be a special version of the sensei with some fancy printing on it, sure why not: unboxed it, plugged it in, started the steelse

Quality test

been testing some x264 settings and this is kinda the quality of around 1.5mb ~sec.

good enough or do i need to retest some stuff? (ps: there is difference in gamma between vlc and other plays such as windows media player classic. - colors also will be fixed later, its more about artifacts)

edit: reupped to speedyshare:

dsharpe final evidence.

First of all, I'm going to post my 100% evidence and then I actually will answer to all wrong statements been around.


Skull's Config

Well, this is just a laugh at people who think complicated configs are the way to go, tbh, a config should be like a sensitivity, u need to get used to it and it shouldnt limit u.


Edit: edited out dead links.Edit2: editet out the dead link, uploaded newer Version.

put into e+ folder, exec with \exec "Skull's Config"

ps: i highly recommend u to rename ur own config first, since default settings are removed and therefor need to be created by quake again.


if anybody says, gaming is evil and makes u stay up long at night he prolly is right...

however, even worse is reading a fucking book, staying up till 5 o clock, oversleeping then and still its less creative as rendering this video within a 1 1/2 hours.

The edge of forever - Quake3 singleplayer map

awesome design map conceptet for singleplayer with multitriggers, really worhth to check out

anybody whos interested in mapping should check out his tutorials too Smug

basically its about u need to solve 5 puzzles and find 10 well hidden skulls, found 9 of 10 and failed on the 3rd skull, even pointed out in which room the skull is just to oversee the burtton Big grin

final time for finish: 35 minutes Happy gl guys

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