A storm of ignorance

Being confronted by hilarious and bloody noobish behaviours/sayings/accusations of people, i just thought about writing a blogpost about the veil of ignorance drawn over the E+ community...

"Prejudice is the child of ignorance" by William Hazzlit ( a british writer famous of his humanistic essays)

Lets start about what ignorance i am talking about... the definition to this word differs depending on context..

the whores and me

hi e+ comunityits difficult for me to say it but i think i have a strange problem :/the thing is : i visit whores the last 4 months and i love them all very much. its not like the love for a normal girl its more obsession for whores.i fucked so much whores and cheap girls the last 4 months that i really start to think that i have a problem with sex and money.

10 reasons why Lost is like excessiveplus

Hello Brother,

I shall take a look at seemingly random 10 reasons how I could equate the once great show with this once great game. Oh wait that was the 1st reason. Controversial you say? Shove your mediocre attempts at feining righteousness back down your gullet.

Reason the 2nd.

Drunk Jerry Jones video: Candid comments from Cowboys owner

Drunk Jerry Jones video: Candid comments from Cowboys owner

Rich and famous is Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, so he won’t need a loan anytime soon. As proven by the video of Jerry Jones going wild on the internet, sometimes the price of fame is steep.

Skull's Config

Well, this is just a laugh at people who think complicated configs are the way to go, tbh, a config should be like a sensitivity, u need to get used to it and it shouldnt limit u.


Edit: edited out dead links.

put into e+ folder, exec with \exec "Skull's Config"

ps: i highly recommend u to rename ur own config first, since default settings are removed and therefor need to be created by quake again.

New maps in rotation: !B@N@N@ Server - Download in One Link.

Hi allm
so votes are closed and this is the maps that you should have if you want play in !B@N@N@ Server.

Download all in one pack Happy and unzip in your baseq3 folder Happy

We hope you like it and thanks to all for helping with votes Smug


P.S. all maps was tested with pure servers and all maps work fine with pure servers, so dont be afraid to have them in your baseq3 folder, as happened with padgarden...padkitchen...and all that strange maps Happy

The first 3d video on the Photo

I have made it in cinema 4d
And its just my site about video tutorials for computer graphics Happy


sry this sunday canceled.......reallife kicks me out today...

Arrow after the success from the last ones here the Continuation BEST FFA Rail & HoOK EVENT VI

map : BGMP9 ( downloaded it here ) :


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