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Promoting map : Natedm1

hello e+

i want promote a map i found and play the hole day.

here a link to a demo download area :

for the suggestions and questions open ...

regards asphyx

Missing maps

As of the moment, there are some maps missing a download link in the server spider.
This makes it harder to spread good/popular maps to new players, as the default ingame download method is pretty limited.

So if you have any of the listed maps, please upload it to our map archive.

Uploading will require an FTP client like FileZilla but also Windows Explorer allows FTP connections.

my first video

Tavo reported!!

Today i just got the reply of my email to tavo on the day that the tragedy happend. So well he is alive and that is great news for us Happy

Any info about it i will continue to reply under this blog entry.. for the moment lets keep our prays with shadowkde.

GG tavomon

2 Web developers: Outlook 2007 & preistoric Internet

I just found out that Outlook 2007 (with a statistical market of 6.89% for usage) is much bad then his predecessors.

Nigel Farage harangues EU president

Politically incorrect critic and thorn in the side of the establishment extraordinaire, Nigel Farage, goes all out against the newly appointed E.U. President. Former Beligan PM Herman van Rompuy. Hilarity ensues.

Some background: Nigel Farage reprimanded

Lisbon treaty

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