Fast E5R.cfg Fragfest

map : the well download here

Timelimit : 60min

Fraglimit : 999

Conf: E5R.cfg

TIME : 21 cest

Maxclients: 30

all are invite to come and play like a maniac...

Server :[ E5RLAND ] FR[color=#2e61c

ExcessivePlus Contribution Jobs

Hi community,

I have a list of jobs, ppl wanting to help could do :

  • To be an Excessive Plus Advertiser ( call some friends you know and encourage them to come to e+ )
  • To be an Excessive Plus Movie Maker ( you will need some movie knowledge )
  • To be an Excessive Plus Beta Tester ( there are some, but few make real tests including me Confused )
  • To be an Event Organiser ( I think some ppl dedicated to this is really necessary )
  • To be an Official Referee ( there are actu


Hello everyone!

I'd like to share with you all a song that I recently wrote and recorded.

HIXS Website

Hello my dear e+ friends and all e+ community i like to present my new website Happy i work hard to have it done and this is the result i hope you like it.

If you need a work of webdesign just let me know i can give you affordable prices Winking


Hi Quakers

Its been half year since we opened our servers to e+ community, and we had our uptimes and downtimes.
First server was Rail mania than we created Freeze mania, and since my hosting big crash 1 month ago we had to close one server and now we have only Freeze mania.

But now im having difficulties to gather money for next month server rental.
If anyone wish to donate and help me keep server alive can do on moneybookers account
I would appreciate and thank him and help in any way i can help.

If someone want, can contact me on
msn alexandar.n@hotmail.

E+ spreads too !

 Check this out, this page you see i posted at (it will be just right int ime after admins aproval in a minute):

So how it looks (colors at moddb litle bit diff), and nice idea right Happy ?

Awaiting suggestions and improvements at all sections.


*updated moddb v0.8:,

*updated moddb v0.7: [i]and offcourse some corections/ideas from anyone is welcoming, as some people here already puted in some



i missed bzw.

icenine / i.a for 2.5 months. hopefully.

First I say this to Arghi and TnT, cause our forum is kinda dead, and arghi is not online much so I couldn't tell him directly.
I started studying for a really major test ( something like the SAT test I believe ), which means I can't spare time for being on the computer much ( along with my job - almost every night at the bar Surprise ) . So I think I'm going to either uninstall quake or disconnect my internet for next couple of months so I won't have distractions ( yes, my will power sucks , I won't be able to stop myself from being on internet like an hour a day atleast ).


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