What do you like in quake 3 arena?

What would you like to see in quake 3? Something new, which lags removed, may be some suggestions for gameplay? If a little fantasy Happy

alienM on camping in nature

Hey my friends and dear quakers. I never before put my pics on e+ in some thread. Yesterday I came from nice vecations (holiday) in nature. I was visiting one lake close to my city. Weather was nice. We had grilled some nice meat, was a lot of alcohol, I even smoked one cigar. Big grin Alex was with me and his friends, too. I wanted to share some pics here with you and rest of them you can find if you have facebook accounts on my profile:

Ranking announcement

I am happy to announce that the problem has been fixed, I'm on too adding games. All will be added within a day or too.

Results Thursday 06.05.2010 - 21 cest..BEST RAIL & HoOk EVENT PART V

Thursday 06.05.2010 - 21 cest..BEST RAIL & HoOk EVENT PART IV



Ranking announcement

I'm having some bugs at the moment, I can't add games to the rank, please be patient, I'll add all the games this week hopefully.
Cheers, Seebz


Results and all Infos about this :WEDNESDAY 21.04.2010 Best Rail * HOOk Event Part4

FFA cup WEDNESDAY 21.04.2010 21 central european summer time

Arrow after the success from the last ones here the Continuation BEST FFA Rail & HoOK EVENT Nr.


Some of you are wondering what happens to our servers FREEZE & RAIL MANIA, why they are inactive, and whether it is permanent.
Some thought that because of fight with alienM I decided to shut down the servers and to leave the Quake Not much people know me, but i'm still here, actually these days I'm idle, because I'm tired of everything, and nervous.
Actually what happened is that someone managed to hack the entire network of servers at the service where I host Quake, and they are so incompetent, irresponsible and not caring for their customers at all.

Dubneoc Map - Neorganic Epiphany - Amazing design :>

Hi Quakers Smug

So as I've seen in my banana server, there were several players that enjoyed this map with very interesting design. So I decide to post it here, to share info with you all, and read your opinions Happy
The walls and walkways are carved meticulously out of some alien wind, brought to life only by sparse neon lights and what looks to be a storm raging over head. This is like an new dimension or some strange planet with neon lights Smug
As I read in other forums and cups, this map is better to play in railonly.

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