I like bananas

Dunno if it is a blog worthy, but well, i saw what others blogged also Winking

since I started again, to not play only beer-freezer (still my favorite one), i just can say that I started to like the B@N@N@ Server. What is different to plus?

Well, actually it is a rail only server. BUT, not as many are used to, because it has also the BFG and GL for movement (no damage though). It is also quiet interesting, when a plus player meets a rail-only player. The rail only players often play a sneaky style, while the plus players do often rush through the map.

my second win :)


I wrote a haiku

New cooller website beckons
i wonder why oh why
ank die in river

but on a serious note i remember talks of new site way way back in 07 so congratulations with new design C:

also whoo i was write blog ))) FIRST LVL^ NOW THIS ))))

Ultra brutal Tirol guys ! :)

What a day.

Today i woke up with the news that Chile had an 8.8 earthquake. The first thing that came into my mind is the people i know from q3 from there.

Instantly i log in and see that my friend chuki is online. Told me the whole story, and i dare to say he is blessed because he and his family are OK.

Its a different way of waking up a day.

Maybe I should have said...

As with regards to upgrades, I was considering informing someone about the evil that is the SEARCH ENGINE... you may wonder why I would think such a thing.

Starcraft II Beta

Starcraft II released a Closed Beta 1 weeks ago.

It is Closed because it requires an BattleNet Account in where you need use a Beta Key that was given to the participants of the Blizzcon or to a random selected group that have a BattleNet Account (that was the 1st wave).

mFC Round #4 summary

There are 3 matches left from round 4, which should be played this weekend.
Round 4
(cpm14, mkexp and 6++)

unique 2 : 0 HYPER
-ABS- 2 : 1 *ZMB*
-C4- VS (*WASP*)

C4 is passing to round 5 by WO

Round 4 was quite interesting.


Happy thanks for the new site i love it Winking

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