[x][O.S.R.C II] [R7] PANDA3 2:0 SexyFraggers [16.04.12]

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Re: [x][O.S.R.C II] [R7] PANDA3 2:0 SexyFraggers [16.04.12]

poor milena,must be terrible life to live with such a big amount of envy in yourself, how you manage to do it ,i'd like to know Happy

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Re: [x][O.S.R.C II] [R7] PANDA3 2:0 SexyFraggers [16.04.12]

AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH , no. cry me a river pls.

where in rules is about bugs ? nowhere ,so what's the problem ? you talking about rematch so we can , but you still will lose this shit , so i don't know why are you wasting our and your time ??????

What did you do fit the description of cheating. Don't forget the fact that cheat is not just the usage of third-party programs that provide an advantage in the game. It can also be using map bags, or, for example using referre for your favour, or etc, any way you could take an advantage by using methods game not envisage.

I'll close the topic till tomorrow due to nonsence offtopic, I guess you've already said everything you want about this case.