Server Cvars & Commands

Excessive Plus has several new server cvars and commands, as well as some modifications to existing ones, which accounts for its many server side features. In this document you will find them all.

Variable list

g_redTeam, g_blueTeam

g_redTeam "^1RED", g_blueTeam "^4BLUE": Now they accept fancy font encoding, which will be drawn on the client scoreboard.


g_teamAutoJoin "0": Bitmask to control automatic team joining when a player first joins to a server or on gametype changes. Available flags:
  • 1 - Join automatically to the team with less players or less score.
  • 2 - Don't automatically join a team, but preserve the current teams across gametype changes.


refereePassword "": Sets the referee password. A referee is like an admin but with the advantage that the admin can restrict the commands a referee can use. You can for example allow referees to kick players but not to ban someone.
Use xp_referee to define the commands and /ref to login and execute referee commands.
Use an empty password to disable referees.


roundlimit "0": Enables a roundbased gameplay. The match will end after X rounds were played no matter if there is a winner or not. However, if fraglimit is enabled, the game can also end if either of the teams reaches the fraglimit.
This is only available if xp_matchmode is set.


xp_activeClients: Informative cvar that holds the number of non-spectators players that are currently in the server. Very useful for writing conditional rotations, see the Rotation System documentation for further information.


xp_bans "bans.txt": File name of the bans script of this server. If it exists, it enables the /rcon ban server commands, and its used as the input and output file for the Bans System.
Use an empty string to disable bans.


xp_chatProtection "0": Enables the chat protection after someone chatted for X or more seconds. Setting this to 1 means that it can be abused! One can start chatting to avoid being killed.


xp_config "conf/default.cfg": Holds the name of the current config file. It can also be used to change the config at the end of the map. For more information, refer to the Configuration System documentation.


xp_crazyCTF "0": Modifies the behavior of flag gametypes. When enabled, when a player touches the enemy flag, he takes it but it respawns right away, but when he is killed while holding the enemy flag, this disappears. This means that the flags will be on each base all of the time, which makes the flag gametypes to center more on capturing the flag, probably better with few players.


xp_crontab "crontab.txt": File name of the crontab script of the server. For a detailed information on the format of this file, refer to the Crontab documentation.
Use an empty string to disable crontab.


xp_date: Server info cvar that holds the server binary build date, used to know if a server is fully updated.


xp_floodProtect "1": Enables flood protection on the server, which limits the number of commands a client can send to a server (most noticeably chats) in a second to the value of X. If this cvar is enabled, sv_floodProtect should be disabled.


xp_holyshit "0": If enabled you will hear the "holyshit" sound when you kill an enemy with a direct BFG hit.


xp_improvePrediction "1": Tries to send information of enemies earlier to the client, reducing the problem with enemies suddenly appearing out of nowhere, easily noticeable when you are playing with high pings.


xp_inactivitySpectator "180": This one sets you automatically /away after X seconds of idle. If you join the game you will get your old score back.


xp_legacy "3": Bitmask to control support for older Excessive Plus versions in the server. Available flags:
  • 0 - Disable legacy support
  • 1 - Enable legacy version support
  • 2 - Spam legacy clients with console upgrade messages every 5 min
  • 4 - Spam legacy clients with centerprint upgrade messages every 5 min


xp_matchmode "0": This enables the "match mode". It will enable the following client commands: /lock, /unlock, /joinword, /invite, /timeout, /ready, /notready, /teamready. Values:
  • 1 - Simple Matchmode. Will just enable the matchmode commands.
  • 2 - Will enable the roundlimit, with the possibility to have warmup between each rounds if enabled by config.
  • 3 - Will enable roundbased gameplay. After each round you will see the scoreboard.


xp_maxMVD "0": Number of public simultaneous multiview demo recorders in the server. A value of 0 means disabled, so only referees can record multiview demos.


xp_motd "motd.txt": File name which holds the message of the day that will be printed to clients when they connect to the server, or when the client explicitly requests it with the /motd client command.


xp_muteSpectators "0": Allows you to mute all spectators. They still can talk with other spectators but the in-game players won't see it. Referees are not affected by this setting.


xp_noCustomEnts "0": Disables map modification scripts located inside the /maps directory, both .add and .ents files. For more information, refer to the Map Modification documentation.


xp_physics "0": Enable the excessive physics and movement control. Refer to the Configuration System documentation for a detailed description for the possible values of this bitmask.


xp_referee "k,kick,mute,unmute,s,status,w,whois": Additional commands the referees can use. Note, however, that the following are commands that the referee can always execute and can't be disabled:


xp_rotateStep "1": Default value of the /rcon rotate command, which accounts for number of maps to "jump" to when rotating the map. Requires a working rotation, and it can be used as the base for random rotations. Refer to the Rotation System documentation for further information.


xp_rotation "": Server rotation script, an empty value disables rotation and falls back to the default quake rotation. For detailed information on the rotation file syntax, refer to the Rotation System documentation.


xp_solids "0": Modifies the player interaction with other entities on the server. For a detailed description of this cvar, refer to the Configuration System documentation.


xp_spawnSystem "3": Bitmask that controls player spawning system. Available flags are:
  • 1 - Try to avoid spawn points close to enemy players.
  • 2 - Try to avoid spawn points close to place of death.


xp_suddenDeath "0": Disables or enables sudden death. Sudden death is enforced if the time is over and there is no clear winner.


xp_teamBalance "1": This will try to even out the teams after a match is over so the next game can be fair again if good players left a team, etc.


xp_unlagged "1": Enables the unlagged technology. It can be set separately for each weapon, see the Configuration System documentation for further information.


xp_userdb "1": Enables the user aliases database and enables the following server commands: /rcon whois and /rcon w.


xp_validTLD "0": Don't allow the users to modify the value of their xp_country cvar, effectively disallowing faked country locations.


xp_version: Holds the version of the Excessive Plus mod. Additionally, since it is a server info cvar, it has the filename of the current config, its name and the MD5 of it.


xp_vote "conf,map_restart,nextmap,map,..": This is the /callvote list. Add or remove commands you want and separate them with a "," or a ";". An empty string disables voting, but the recommended method for disabling callvoting is to disable the g_allowVote server cvar.


xp_voteconf "voteconf.txt": File name of the config voting script, which holds the names and descriptions of the allowed configs for voting when xp_vote has the conf string on it, see the Configuration System documentation for further information.


xp_voteTime "30": Adjustable vote time.


xp_warmupRespawn "3": Bitmask to controls what is respawned at the end of warmup time. For the possible flags, see the Configuration System documentation.

Command list


/rcon ban <id|expresion> [<reason>], alias /rcon b: This command will add a ban to the bans.txt. You can use wildcard matches to ban whole list of players and additionally give a reason for the ban.
By default, this command bans a player by name, IP and GUID with a single call. However, if you just want to ban an user for a single one of them, you can use /rcon banname, /rcon banip or /rcon banguid respectively, all of which share the same syntax as /rcon ban.
/rcon ban 2
/rcon ban "A*" "guys with a starting 'A' are out!"

centerprint, cp

/rcon centerprint <message>, alias /rcon cp: This lets you display a big message to the screen of all players. Clients can disable printing of this messages by disabling cg_centerTime.


/rcon cmd2 <cvarname> [<arg1> ...: Executes the string contained in the cvar specified with all the occurrences of $(X) (where X is a number) replaced with the passed parameters, which effectively allows you to simulate custom "commands". Additionally, any server command of the form /rcon =cvarname [...] will be expanded to /rcon cmd2 cvarname [...] on execution. Example:

// first put the command in the cvar, the following will
// modify sv_pure to the first parameter and restart the map right after
/rcon set set_pure "sv_pure $(1); map_restart"
// now execute the custom "command"
/rcon cmd2 set_pure 1
// which is the same as
/rcon =set_pure 1
// add the "command" to the referee commands
/rcon xp_referee "=set_pure"
// now execute it with /ref
/ref =set_pure 1
// now add it to vote commands
/rcon xp_vote "=set_pure"
// now you can /callvote it
/callvote =set_pure 1


/rcon execstr <command>: Executes the given command with every occurrence of $(cvarname) replaced with the value of the given cvar, for example:
// displays a message with number of playing clients
/rcon execstr say ^5There are currently $(xp_activeClients) active clients on the server!
// displays the name of the host to clients
/rcon execstr say ^5You are playing on $(sv_hostname)!
// adds kick to list of referee commands
/rcon execstr set xp_referee kick,$(xp_referee)


/rcon forcejoin <id|name> <"red"|"blue"|"none">: When teams are locked, use this command to invite a player to spectate the given team, and also to be able to join later. If, however, "none" is passed as the team name, it will remove him from any team he was already invited.
This is only available if xp_matchmode is set.


/rcon forceteam <id|expression|"all"|"allbots"> <"free"|"red"|"blue"|"spec"|"away">: Forces a client to join an specific team. You can use wildcards to match group of clients, or also the keywords "allbots" and "all". If the team you want to set for a client is locked, the client must be already invited to it. If he's not, use /rcon forcejoin on the client first.


/rcon ipdb <ip_address>: This is just a raw access to the IP-to-Country database. Can be used to check the origin of IP addresses.

kick2, k

/rcon kick2 <id|expresion|"all"|"allbots"> [<reason>], alias /rcon k: This is an advanced /rcon kick and /rcon clientkick in one command. You can use wildcard matches to kick a whole list of players and additionally give a reason for the kick. Examples:
/rcon k 2
/rcon k "A*" "guys with a starting 'A' are out!"
/rcon k all "I want to empty my server!"
/rcon k allbots


/rcon load <config>: Loads a specific configuration. Read the Configuration System documentation for further information. Example: /rcon load excessive5.


/rcon lock <"red"|"blue"|"all">: Locks the specified team with a random generated password (or both if "all" is used), so clients can't join the team nor spectate its members, and also to lock it's free-fly view, unless the players explicitly /invite him.
This is only available if xp_matchmode is set.


/rcon motd <id|"all"> [<motd_file>]: Displays the contents of the specified file (or the one in the xp_motd cvar if omitted) as a motd command for the specified client (or to everyone is "all" is used).


/rcon mute <id|name>: Mutes the given player. A muted player will not be able to chat with other players, except by using private messages (/tell).


/rcon rotate <step|"restart">: Manual rotating command, if no argument is supplied it will use xp_rotateStep as its value. If instead "restart" is passed, it will rotate to the first map of the rotation. Read the Rotation System documentation for further details.
Server admins should be used to /rcon vstr nextmap to rotate maps. However this does not work for the new rotation system!
You have to use /rcon rotate instead, this also works for old rotation. In general just use /rcon rotate instead of /rcon vstr nextmap in Excessive Plus.


/rcon says <message>: Broadcast a message to all players. The message will be prepended with "server:", instead of "console:" for /rcon say, which is handled by the engine. Now since miss-typed commands are only echoed back to the rcon user, he must explicitely use /rcon say or /rcon says to communicate with players.

status2, s

/rcon status2, alias /rcon s: This is an advanced /rcon status and will show you the ID, IP address and GUID of the players on the server.

timein, ready

/rcon timein, alias /rcon ready: Ends the current taken timeout by setting all clients to ready status.


/rcon timeout: Timeouts the game for either 120 seconds (team gametypes) or 60 seconds (tournament). To end the timeout, the clients can use /ready or /teamready.


/rcon unlock <"red"|"blue"|"all">: Unlocks a previously locked team, or both if "all" is used.


/rcon unmute <id|name>: Allows a muted player to chat again.


/rcon vote <"yes"|"no">: Forces a vote to either pass through ("yes") or to fail ("no").


/rcon w: Queries the user aliases database (userdb) and lists the top 3 aliases for all the current players of the server. Please note that the userdb uses client GUIDs as the identifier for the client, so if the client changes his CD key then the aliases won't be found.
This is only available if xp_userdb is set.

whois, who

/rcon whois <id>, alias /rcon who: Queries the user aliases database (userdb) and lists the top 10 aliases used by the client being queried.
This is only available if xp_userdb is set.