Game Types

In Excessive Plus you have 4 great and all new gametypes to play with! Of course the old are still unchanged and there like Free for All (g_gametype 0), Tournament (g_gametype 1), Team Deathmatch (g_gametype 3) and Capture the Flag (g_gametype 4).

Additionally, there exist lots of configuration options to modify the behavior and scoring rules of these gametypes, refer to the Configuration System documentation for more information.


1on1 (g_gametype 1). Well, yes you all know what it is but Excessive Plus added a new feature to have map rotations for this gametype. The rotation works the same as for any other gametype.

Capture the Flag

CTF (g_gametype 4). As with tournament, we all know what this gametype is about. However, with the xp_crazyCTF cvar you can completely modify the behavior of this gametype (actually for all flag-based gametypes), turning it into a fast-paced capturing fest.

Return the Flag

RTF (g_gametype 5). This one is more difficult than the regular Capture the Flag but also the better team game. Though the only difference is that you have to carry your own flag back to your base, it is harder than it sounds!

Be aware of double flag carriers, they can be your best friends but also your worst enemies.

One Flag CTF

1FCTF (g_gametype 6). This is another Capture the Flag variant. You basically have to pickup the Neutral Flag (White Flag) in the middle of a map and try to get to the enemy's base to score a point.

Don't forget that it's the enemy base and therefore well protected! You better get your team with you to have a bigger chance to capture.

Many maps support this gametype like q3wcp*, q3w*, q3wxs* etc. but you can also add support for other maps (for example, q3ctf1-4, see the Map Modification feature).

Clan Arena

Clan Arena gametype can be considered as an elimination gametype. It is round-based, and the principle is simple: hunt down the enemy team to win. Once you got fragged you have to wait until the round ends only then you will respawn.

It is inspired on the Rocket Arena mod.

Freeze Tag

FTAG (g_gametype 8). This is a great teamplay gametype. It is a lot like that game you may have played as a kid, but without the killing. In Freeze Tag you try to eliminate the entire enemy team.

If you kill someone then they will become frozen. So to eliminate all, you'd need to freeze everyone, making them all frozen at the same time.

This will give your team a point and the round will start over again. If you are ever frozen, a teammate can come rescue you by standing next to your icy body for three seconds. You'll then be set free and can join the battle again.

This gametype is based on Darrell Bircsak's Freeze Tag.

Protect the Leader

PTL (g_gametype 9). This one is an all-new teamplay gametype where you have to prevent that your leader gets hurt. Each team has a granted team leader who is carrying your team's flag.

The enemy team of course tries to kill your leader to win the round and it is your job to prevent this! The one who kills the leader gets the new leader and automatically is hunted by the other team.