Bans System

Set the xp_bans "bans.txt" variable to the file where your ban list is. The ban system's syntax has some similarities to the config file syntax. If you prefer old banning system, then you can still use /rcon addip <ip-mask> and /rcon removeip <ip-mask>.

You can edit the file directly and add or remove the bans by yourself. Additionally, the /rcon ban group of commands modify this file directly and add the banning information to it. However, to remove the bans the file must be manually edited.

The syntax is described in the next example:

Name {
    "*yourname*" {        // ban all who have 'yourname' in their names
        IP:     // allow if ip match!
        Password: "test"  //    or if password!
        Reason: "Sorry, 'yourname' is a protected name!"
    // for "^1 " names
    " " { Reason: "Please use a name!" }
IP { {        // ban this ip
        Name: "test*"    // but allow if the name begins with 'test'
        Reason: "Dude you are not test!"
    207.46.* { Reason: "Microsoft isn't allowed!!" }