Getting Started

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Hello E+

Excessiveplus is a Quake III Arena game modification.

Basic E+ installation

- remove any older E+ version from q3 (if you have it), it is fully enough to remove all .pk3 files from excessiveplus directory,
- installation, download and extract E+ to your quake3 main directory, located at Program Files (windows), or at home hidden directory .q3a (Linux).

Maps installation

- simply put all .pk3 (if map is zipped extract it) to yours quake3/baseq3 directory

Basic setup for newcomer

This will normalize your connection problems lags, smoothness game while moving, and brings some equality among players, enables enemy coloring and enemy models, normalizes your frame rate. So threes are couple suggestions:

- make simple .txt file and change extension to .cfg, name it as autoexec.cfg create it with wordpad as example, put it to your quake3/excessiveplus directory, this file is your config file, that way u never loose your config (this config is auto loaded at every quake3 start):

next put these lines to your config, and save it :

//made by anubis for excessiveplus quake3 mod, 20.08.2010
//put this file to ../excessiveplus/ directory
//uncomment if you need something more
// excessiveplus name, change your name in ""
seta xp_name "#C5#D8#C3#C5#D3#D3#C9#D6#C5^l^4#F0#EC#F5#F3^s^l^7^f^7.#CE#C5#D4"
// screen
seta cg_drawfps "1" // shows your fps
seta com_maxfps "125" // set average stable number of your fps
seta scr_conspeed "999" // console more speed ;D
seta com_introplayed "0" // off intro, faster startup
// custom resolutions example, uncomment the lines if you need custom
// seta r_customaspect 1 
// seta r_customheight 1050 //1024
// seta r_customwidth 1400 //1600
// seta r_mode -1 
// connection
seta rate "22022" // depends on server and your connection
seta snaps "40" // depends on server
seta net_noipx "1" // off we do not need that
seta cl_maxpackets "63" // set same or half, as your average maxfps
seta cl_nodelta "0" // can't remember, but you dont need it
seta cl_packetdup "2" // ensure s twice that you will get packet
seta cl_punkbuster "1" // enable punkbuster for security reasons
seta cl_allowDownload "0" // forbid download for security reasons
// mouse fix
seta in_dgamouse "1"
seta in_mouse "1"
seta in_subframe "1"
seta m_filter "0" //0-2, m_smooth 1 = m_filter 0, 1 is no filt.smooth.
seta m_smooth "1" //0-2, most Game responsive 1, 2
// other game releated
// seta xp_OnExit "xp_screenshotDefault" // takes autoscreenshot on exit
seta cg_fov "100" // default 90, wider perspective, try 140
seta xp_colors "42221" // custom model colors, rail1 head body legs rail2 (needs alpha skins)
seta xp_delagWeapons "15" // bitmask: delag all weapons (1 MG, 2 SG, 4 LG, 8 RG)
seta xp_enemyColors "2222" // sets green color to all opponents (needs alpha skins)
seta xp_enemyModel "tankjr/xp" // force opponents to use one model
seta xp_hud "hud3" // available huds from hud0 to hud7
seta xp_noChatBeep "1" // disable console chat beep
seta xp_screenshotDefault "$(rdate)_$(time)_$(map)" // screenshot naming setup
seta cg_deferPlayers "1" // prevents lag then someone is connecting
seta cg_drawTeamOverlay "2" // shows teammates locations on arena
seta com_hunkMegs "150" // preserve more ram to quake
// render
// seta r_subdivisions "33" // 1 to 999, 1-highest detail low fps, for weak PC's uncomment
seta r_finish "0" // sync ev.frame if 1 Improves response screeen/keyboard/mouse -1-2fps
seta r_picmip "0" // highest textures quality 0 - 9 lower blurry textures quality

You can try to download it from here, (if link does not work contact me).
Now startup quake3 excessiveplus.
Console, in game, opens with "~" key.

So you can enter commands directly in game console like /rate 25000, if you entered all settings by hand then you must do /vid_restart to apply all of them.

Also you can try to setup your mouse sensitivity try different meanings for these:

sensitivity 1 // 1 to 99, mouse speed
cl_mouseAccel 3 // 0 to 99, mouse acceleration 

You can minimize quake3 with alt+enter (windowed mode), and then bring down console to aces your desktop.

Use /reconnect command if lost connection too server, or feels laggy problems.
To connect to some servers directly you can use /connect servers-IP-here
You can save your config by /writeconfig config-name
You can load you config by /exec config-name

And now lets get some action ;]

Here's some server list: