Simple demos
Excessiveplus demos are recorded and played from excessiveplus\demos directory.

Config below contains example key binds for recording demos and useful while playing them.
If you like it you can just copy and paste it into your own config file.
This config uses arrow keys so change them if these keys are already used in your config.

// DEMO PLAYER™ by Shudder
bind UPARROW "vstr recX"            //record / stop record
bind DOWNARROW "timescale 0"        //pause demo
bind RIGHTARROW "+vstr time3 time2" //play (fast forward x3 when pressed)
bind LEFTARROW "+vstr time1 time0"  //slow x2 (x10 when pressed)
bind END "vstr mvdX"                //record / stop MVD
set recX "vstr recON"
set recON "startrecord; set recX vstr recOFF"
set recOFF "stoprecord; set recX vstr recON"
set mvdX "vstr mvdON"
set mvdON "startMVD; set mvdX vstr mvdOFF"
set mvdOFF "stopMVD; set mvdX vstr mvdON"
set time0 "timescale 0.5"
set time1 "timescale 0.1"
set time2 "timescale 1.0"
set time3 "timescale 3.0"
seta xp_startrecordDefault "$(name)_$(rdate)_$(time)_$(map)_$(servername)"
//Demo will be named using variables
seta sv_fps 125
//When recording demo on localhost you need to put your com_maxfps value here
//for smooth playback.

To watch a demo from file you have a few options:
1) place it in your excessiveplus\demos folder, start Q3 and run it from menu (DEMOS).
2) use external program to run it for you with double click like seismovision or other (?)
3) use simple batch file to open .dm_68 file type:

@echo off
cd /D %0\..
copy %1 "excessiveplus\demos\temp.dm_68" /Y
start quake3.exe +set fs_game excessiveplus +timescale 0 +demo temp.dm_68
Copy this code, paste it to notepad and save as Demo.bat to your Q3 folder. When double click on demo file (.dm_68) for first time chose Demo.bat as a program that will always run this type of files.

Multi view demos (MVD)
Those demos are best for FWs or CWs. Recording makes one huge demo with all playing clients on server (while watching you can change and spectate everyone you like, like in real game).

Ref's and rcon's can make mvd's as they want and need, even if MVDs are forbiden for clients by server admins. In example config shown above you can record MVDs with END key.

Make avi videos in Quake3
Shortly: Record simple demo. Convert it to tga frames. Merge them to avi, using free software.

Convert the Q3 demo to .tga frames, make sure you have enough free diskspace, a long demo can easily eat up a few GB of data. Bring down the console and type: cl_avidemo 25, to record in 25 fps.

Start recording frames for you Quake 3 video, by typing demo demo1
Sit back and relax while the frames are beeing rendered. Setting cl_avidemo 0 will make demos run normal again.

When it's done, quit Quake 3 and you should find your recorded frames in the "\screenshots" directory as .tga files.

note: Quake 3 will output images in the same size as your Q3 screen resolution, a tip to speed up frame rendering of your video is to set it to low, for example 320x240.

Marge your frames into an .avi video
Download this freeware program: or check out Quake Video Maker if you wanna make more advanced movies.

- Start "pjBmp2Avi.exe" and select the path to your demo's screenshots folder in the directory field.
For example: "\screenshots".

- Change the file option from BMP to TGA. Now you should see a list of all the screenshots in the "files" field.

- Go to "Output"-options and select path and name of the avi you wish to create.
For example: "c:\film_time\my_quake_3_movie.avi"

- Click the create button. An select a video codec when prompted, click OK and the program will compile your .tga files to an avi.

- Poke your Orb action figure in the eye, practice sweeping moves with you mouse or come up with any other fun way to spend your time while your Quake 3 avi video is compiling. The window closes (hopefully) and you're done! Grab some snacks and sit back and watch your first Quake 3 movie!

Q3 avi making by Fredrik Olsson 05-08-06 20:38,
Thanks to Bluehair on Doom3Files for suggesting Quake Video Maker