Excessive Plus has several features to improve your communication with your teammates, or just to spam on servers.

Chat Variables

There are some variables available that can be used in the normal, team or private chat messages.

Current health.

Current Armor.

Current ammunition for the currently held weapon.

Returns the closest item spawn (only weapons, armors, powerups, holdable powerups and mega health). If there is no item spawn close to you, it will return the location as visible on the team overlay.

The location you last died at.

The player name who last hit you.

The player name you last hit.

The last item you took (only weapons, armors, powerups, holdable powerups and mega health).

Like $(location) but reports only available items (no empty spawns) and includes dropped items.

If there are more than one item close to you and you want to report about a specific item to your team. This will return the item closer to your crosshair.

The closest available team mate. Obviously only works for team games.

/say_team Need support at $(location)! [H:$(health) A:$(armor)]

/say Next time I kill you, $(attacker)!!

/say Run while you can $(target)!

/say_team &gen_giveammo.wav Give me some ammo, $(friend)

Voice Chat

These are normal chat messages that additionally replay a sound to get the attention of other players. The sounds will vary depending on the sex of your model. You can colorize the following messages:

cover me
escort me
follow me
good shot
i will hold this position
take over this position

Usage: /say ^1Ha^3Ha

Radio Chat

These are normal team chat messages that additionally replay a sound to get the attention of your teammates. As with voice chats, the sound will depend on the sex of you model. You can colorize the following messages:

attack now
available tech
base is clear
base is overrun
cancel that
enemy fc is here
fall back and regroup
good work team
i have the quad
incoming attack
incoming quad
need defense
need escort
on defense
on offense
out of position
quad is up
requesting base status
standby to attack
waiting for the quad

Usage: /say_team Base is ^1OVERRUN

NOTE: Version 2.0a of Excessive Plus has a bug that disables radio chats and instead replays voice chats for both normal and team chats.

Q3F Radio Chat

These are the more complex type to set up. Basically, you can bind certain sounds with whatever message you want, being it normal, team or even private messages. The list of available sound files to replay are:

&def_depdisp.wav         Dispenser deployed.
&def_deppipe.wav         Pipe trap deployed.
&def_depsen.wav          Sentry deployed.
&def_dropflag.wav        Defend the dropped flag.
&def_fixsenty.wav        Repair our sentries.
&def_flag.wav            Defend our flag!
&def_flagdanger.wav      The flag is in danger.
&def_flagprimexit.wav    Flag outgoing primary exit.
&def_flagsafe.wav        Base secure.
&def_flagsecexit.wav     Flag outgoing secondary exit.
&def_iam.wav             I'm defending.
&def_incflag1.wav        Incoming flag.
&def_incflag2.wav        They're coming for the flag!
&def_incprimrte.wav      Incoming primary route.
&def_incsecrte.wav       Incoming secondary route.
&def_needsupp.wav        Requesting support.
&def_obj.wav             Defend the objective.
&def_wpt.wav             Defend the waypoint.
&gen_anytime.wav         Any time.
&gen_ceasefire.wav       Cease fire.
&gen_firehole.wav        Fire in the hole!
&gen_giveammo.wav        Give me some ammo.
&gen_gogogo.wav          Go go go!
&gen_goodbye1.wav        Goodbye.
&gen_goodbye2.wav        Goodbye.
&gen_halt.wav            Halt!
&gen_hello1.wav          Hello!
&gen_hello2.wav          Hello.
&gen_inpos.wav           In position.
&gen_isbasesec.wav       Is our base secure?
&gen_moveout.wav         Move out.
&gen_movepls.wav         Move please.
&gen_no1.wav             No.
&gen_no2.wav             No.
&gen_noprob.wav          No problem.
&gen_objcplt.wav         Objective complete.
&gen_objfld.wav          Objective failed.
&gen_oops.wav            Oops.
&gen_pass.wav            Pass.
&gen_reportin.wav        Report in.
&gen_sorry.wav           Sorry.
&gen_stop.wav            Stop!
&gen_unlucky.wav         Unlucky.
&gen_wait.wav            Wait.
&gen_waitord.wav         Awaiting orders.
&gen_watchfire.wav       Watch your fire.
&gen_yes1.wav            Yes.
&gen_yes2.wav            Yes.
&off_attobj.wav          Attack the objective.
&off_attsentry.wav       Attack the enemy sentry.
&off_attwpt.wav          Attack the waypoint.
&off_carrsupp.wav        Our flag carrier needs support.
&off_coverme.wav         Cover me.
&off_defhvy.wav          Enemy defense heavy.
&off_deflight.wav        The enemy defense is light.
&off_dephe.wav           Heavy explosive deployed.
&off_flagget.wav         Get the enemy flag.
&off_flaggive.wav        Give me the flag.
&off_flaghave.wav        I have the enemy flag.
&off_flagtake.wav        Take the flag from me.
&off_imatt.wav           I'm attacking.
&off_needsupp.wav        I need reinforcements!
&off_spotpipe.wav        Pipe spotted.
&off_spotsen.wav         Sentry spotted.
&tap_alright.wav         All right.
&tap_aw.wav              Awww.
&tap_goaway.wav          Go away.
&tap_goodgame1.wav       Good game.
&tap_goodgame2.wav       Great game.
&tap_myflag1.wav         My flag.
&tap_myflag2.wav         My flag, you can't have it.
&tap_nicecapture1.wav    Nice capture.
&tap_nicecapture2.wav    Nice capture.
&tap_nicemove1.wav       Nice move!
&tap_nicemove2.wav       Nice move!
&tap_niceshot.wav        Nice shot.
&tap_sneakybastard.wav   You sneaky bastard.
&tap_thatsucks1.wav      That sucks!
&tap_thatsucks2.wav      That sucks!
&tap_thegreatest.wav     We're the greatest!
&tap_wellplayed1.wav     Well played.
&tap_wellplayed2.wav     Well played!
&tap_werock1.wav         We rock!
&tap_werock2.wav         We rock!
&tap_yourmine.wav        You're mine!
&tap_yourock.wav         You rock!

Usage: /say &tap_sneakybastard.wav You sneaky bastard!

Disabling messages

You can disable all of these fancy features with the client cvars xp_noVoiceChat for voice chats, or xp_noRadioChat for radio chats. Use xp_noChatBeep to disable the chatbeep coming after each message.

However, if you don't want to disable them, but there is a chat spammer on the server you would like to ignore, you can use the /ignore (alias /mute) client command. This command accepts one parameter, which can be:

  • The ID of the client you want (you can see this ID printed on the scoreboard, or in the output of the /players command).
  • The string red, blue or spec to mute all members of the specified team.
  • The string all to mute everyone in the server.

Mutes will stay for the session. You can add something like unmute all to the xp_onExit cvar to unmute them at the end of the map.

Alternatively, to mute everyone on the server, you can just disable the printing of chat messages, by setting the right bits on the xp_drawNotify client cvar.