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Just Bought my new iMac

hello there Happy
I just bought my new iMac and this is the first time I use macso would be nice if some of you that have mactell me where can i download cool stuff for it adobe suite css5 finalcutpro ofc this for free Happy not buying :Dtorrent or somethingthanks Big grin

can someone help find this...


A client want this theme, but i just can't seem to find it nulled around the web, can someone help me please Happy ? if u know where i can find it that works.

Is for Magento e-commerce system.

I'm Glad to present you my...

New Website Happy tell me what do you think about it?


Happy Hope you all like it! Share it if you like

How about designing new interface/bg for the e+ site

I want to know if i can design something more powerfull graphically talking with the e+ site Happy to see if we can be published in css galleries maybe that way we can obtain more people joining the mod and all that.

what do you think ?


ok since what i did against deky i know all europe admins will go against me blabla ok i dont care i know what i did was bad, but i want to payback for what he did to me so yes i took my chances and it felt great to ban him from his own server? well asphyxservers anyway.

Q3 High Resolution Pack

Hello I found this Q3 high resolution pack and i want to share it with you all
you can download it on the next link -> http://ioquake3.org/2010/08/24/high-resolution-creative-commons-texture-replacement-pack/

I'm Leaving...

Well I found a job in another city so I will be moving this saturday over there here in mexico so i will not be able to play quake for some time so I will be IA for some time, I will come back to e+ in future so don't forget about me cuz i never forgot about all of you my quake friends.

Love you all and wish me the best luck in my real life.

- Damian

Hyper ShoutBox

Ok since i want to put something in shoutbox but apparently I CAN'T cuz my shouts are blocked now until my messages dissapear.

I want to invite you to my own Shoutbox Big grin this blog will be the shoutbox for all the people who are blocked from posting something in shoutbox Winking

I want to post in Shoutbox why beer is so empty Big grin where are you american people C: ? wanna play a game before Big grin i watch movie but nobody online.

Shoutbox WTF?

hum why i can't post anything on shoutbox i can't see box to write message the thing i see on the bottom is something that says Don't Spam? instead box to write message wtf?

Twitter Everyone?

this is my twitter @atwatwx <- Follow me or everyone just put their twitter name here

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