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I'm about to get married

Hello e+ today im going to propose to my girlfriend to get married and give her the ring Happy wish me luck you all quakers. I'm nervious hehe Don''t tell anyone

PayPal IPN Solution

Allright since i've been recieving a lot of PM about how i solve the
PayPal stuff i will make tutorial on my website so you go check it out

And the tutorial will be about how to make the payment process let's say
the client pays on paypal, automatically the script on server will contact paypal
and sell the client and email with a 24 hours or any time you want for the link of download to expire.

Please visit www.atwa.com.mx for more info about the tutorial!

Atwa Wallpaper and Website :)

As some of you know, I publish my new proyect a few days ago Happy
my site is www.atwa.com.mx , I Also want to share this wallpaper i made for Smashing Magazine
Calendar March.

So please feel free to visit my website at http://www.atwa.com.mx and download the Wallpaper I design Winking

Love - Damian -


Hi guys i'm proud to present my most recent webpage Big grin www.dog-training.com.mx
is an eBook about Dog Training Big grin hope you like it!!

www.hybridixstudio.com | Web Design Agency


ok Big grin as some of you know i'm web designer Winking and im doing a webpage but i need to sell online this ebook i design but my main problem Happy is with PAYPAL, cuz thing is i want to sell the book on paypal after the client purchase the book i want to automatically send email to customer to download file but i dunno how to do this.

Can anybody in this community can help me Happy? i can pay you some cash well deposit i mean if you help me do this, so this is a work for YOU! just let me know how much you want for the job and i will see if is in my budget.

So any ideas?


Does anybody know a good website about dog training Happy that has a good graphic design Big grin
im designing a site but i need like Happy lil more inspiration.

Would be nice Happy to see some nice site if you have one let me know Big grin ASAP

CSS and Jquery Anyone?

ok I'm having this issue Happy
i need to hide a div if screen resolution is less than 1024 PX
i try this code but it doesn't worky anybody could help me >.< ??

<script type="text/javascript">

$(document).ready(function () {

if (screen.width > 1024) {
else {



Hybrid IX Studio

New Website | http://www.hybridixstudio.com | Hope you like it Happy i design it with sooo much love Big grin

HIXS Website

Hello my dear e+ friends and all e+ community i like to present my new website Happy i work hard to have it done and this is the result i hope you like it.


If you need a work of webdesign just let me know i can give you affordable prices Winking


Happy thanks for the new site i love it Winking

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