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Happy Halloween Month

This design I made for this month halloween hope you like it, and don't forget to visit my site for more future backgrounds/wallpapers at https://www.hybridixstudio.com hope you put it as your desktop background this month Happy share your screenshot Big grin

click here if you like metal (ONLY) :D

zupp E+ I just uploaded a video I record myself yesterday covering a song from Heaven Shall Burn - counterweight.
Hope you like it Happy

Happy Fathers Day

zup e+ here in mexico dunno around the world is Father's Day Happy I want to give you a huge congratz to all those quaker fathers around E+ Happy have a nice day and keep rocking Winking

My gaming n' working setup ;]

Zup e+ just recorded my setup Big grin with my new razer mamba, never done this before so hope u like it, this is my office and also my gaming setup where I play q3 e+ Big grin


New Website e+

Warap mah people from e+ I just re-designed my website with responsive layout and all that, and just been featured on cssmania Happy with one of the best designs around the world.

Just want it to let you know why I've been so busy I haven't play quake this days, anyway if you want to support and check out my new website go here Happy




Allright europe people ...

since is more late there than here in america, I want to give you a Warm New Year's Eve , may this year be a better one than the one just passed away "2012" and best of luck from me Happy <3

love u lotzzz quaker people n__n from Mexico | Damian <3 fa sho0o0oo0o0o0o0o0o0 c: <- hehe

My first carrrr

Allright people well Im just too excited today I bought my first car Happy and I want it to share it with you <3

Is a VW PASSAT 2000 n__n and there is the picture Winking soo happy n__n

New Website on the way is on

Hello as usual whenever i create or modify my company website i always share it with you guys Happy
Hope you like some changes i've made for the site Happy english coming soon i promisse Big grinLaughing out loud:DD:D:D

Enter Here -> www.hybridixstudio.com

I have an idea

This might be interesting, I was thinking that in e+ scene atm are few clans instead of what we used to have in the past with more players playing this mod etc... so I kinda hate that many players join 1 clan and that clan has lot of members but just some of them play wars since the other ones need to spec, so point here is .

We are Recruiting

Me and Azrael are creating re-building DVINSK Clan or maybe we will use another name but we are in the search for 2 more members, if you are strong, active player let us know, we will put this in the blog as well in the Forums.
Thank you!

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