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mow Q [EN]
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I really want ssd-drive, but i am not willed to pay the huge costs in relation to low ammound of gb.

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mow Q [EN] wrote:

I really want ssd-drive, but i am not willed to pay the huge costs in relation to low ammound of gb.

atm SSD is only good if u want to speed up yours system, these disks aren’t really worth of considering if u plan to make out of them data storage

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No rush!

Guys guys , don't rush now for the ssd disk drives because the technology is still not completely optimized for work.
I mean with this that the performance of the ssds will decrease over time.
The limit of writings over the same portion of space is no more then 1,000-10,000 write cycles for MLC types and up to 100,000 write cycles for SLC because of the ware laveling and write combining... However there is a new thing that will be added in order to improve these problems by adding the TRIM support .. I recommend buying the ones that have TRIM support . Its not cheap now or you can wait until the prices will fall

Also Windows XP and Windows Vista dont have TRIM support so you need to use Windows 7 at least.

Not even the V+ SSDs dont have TRIM support.

For the ppl that will buy them, as experts would say: please use them for OS support because the speed advantage will be highly visible.

Edit: TRIM from Wiki:


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Doomcore wrote:

^[Evil]Monkey wrote:
Doomcore wrote:
Bought it recently....

please tell me you use your computer for more than just quake
sounds like the best computer i've ever heard, lol

For music production....quake is just a little hobby.... Happy

What kind of music do u produce? Tell me a little more about it please. Happy

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(*WASP*PARADISE*) wrote:

What kind of music do u produce? Tell me a little more about it please. Happy

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animalchik wrote:

not really Winking

yes, really. We tested it at work. Its fucking fast when you firsttime fill data on disc and reading it. But after some time of using it can be f***ing slow (slower than normal hdd). All depends on technology of current SSD and how epsi posted, without trim technology is ssd disc useless (if you dont buy it just for make some stupid graphs)

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Now SSD on the tyre PCIe have advantage in any speed (readings and records and rewritings) even from SAS disks. Simply they cost more expensive in 8 times.

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Re: PC1+PC2

!@#$%&*( terror )_
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BATO)NWC( wrote:

(HK)Spider wrote:
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nice cpu ocz system !

nooooo my computer is the best

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Sorry i don't like this topic. Why ? Cause i don't see there any ones pc's - its just a photos off pc's parts, mouspad... mouse... keyb... case.. monitor...

then i following topic come here i was expecting to find interesting photos made by gamers - of her real pcz's

Live photos is real view, real situation, and position, point off view - to do one single photo that shows all those peripheral pc ingredients :}...

Well i can show mine, but i don't have those links like you all...

Coming to this topic i felt something like coming to pc webs-hop, but not to a gamers topic.

And more - topic says straightly - pictures. And here ? Whats THE problem, many off you have problems by accomplishing topic ? Some problems by reading topic ? FU. Spamers.

*ps if il find with some big miracles my case or other pats photos on Internet i update this entry... here.


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