Recruiting 1 new moderator.

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Re: Recruiting 1 new moderator.

f1 for drina.

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Re: Recruiting 1 new moderator.

f1 for ligas, he is the only one who can help this site.

joke aside, I am for fala too, not because he would be more strict then the rest of the community, but because he would finally enforce rules and make people keep them unlike actual mod who are on a rather human/troll nice level.

Sametime i trust fala enough that I know he wouldn't censor at all. Something which is NOT given by any other person on the list atm.

I personally wouldn't mind fala becoming admin over long time while rage does some modding - which can't hurt, since as more mods, as more work is split under the mods.

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Re: Recruiting 1 new moderator.
eu.jeff wrote:

SziIi wrote:
why u dont ask: what can fala,drina,zaxtor,ali,rage give ?

can he change or how? Only vote and lets see what will happen? Again
the same history when u will ppl learn from that?

you stole my idear the last time this came up Winking political vote system but anyway dont try to hard in here Winking

u know ... for you it is political for me it is like personal management ... 4 ppl

and u see how stupid are the ppl they start voting Big grin omg give everybody ban who vote for some1