Excessive Plus v1.04-beta1

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Excessive Plus v1.04-beta1
tartaros wrote:

My constructive criticism is: Quit working on the damn "looks" while the "works" need a lot of work still. No wonder most of the threads in "Beta reports" are about the "looks" lmao.....

So stop whining and do something about it,your suggestions got burried in suggestions forum and are not visible on the first page,also u got very few replies on each thread so dont be surprised easy didnt take it into consideration.Now get to work and make a nice thread (separate for each suggestion,this time put it in beta reports forum) and maybe a poll for ppl to vote.

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Excessive Plus v1.04-beta1

Yo ppl, here'r my critix:
the spawnkill protection is a good thing.. now 1on1 is hopefuly more fair and challenging Happy
I dont know why you changed the scoreboard design & flags etc., it was very good in 1.03.. now it looks worse. but that's just my opinion. (But I like the tiny frag-messages Winking )

The clickable scoreboard is a nice gymnic, but I would like to have a command to turn it off. In the new style, you cannot move & look around while watching the scoreboard.. thats shit imo.

And what happened to the names? They also look worse, like they have a lower resolution now or something.. why?! Surprise

The rest of the changes are nice fixes and adds, like the rotation-fix on tourney-servers and teamcolors as spectator etc.!

good work e+ staff :thumbright:

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Excessive Plus v1.04-beta1

My threads were just for small tweaks, but yes i see what you mean, I made a couple of threads now. I'd feel bad to suggest something bigger...

--late edit--

Good to see easy interacting at last