®CW (FTAG) // sNeAkY 2 : 1 pTs // 14.03. 2012

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Re: CW (FTAG) // sNeAkY 2 : 1 pTs // 14.03. 2012

next time pTs Happy

JUMPS'FPS! wrote:

"bonus of having good players". This is completely disrespectful policy to recruit top players and making own clan best. Two different things are jump into the strongest clan and build own one from the begining.

"build own one from the begining"sorry for this, but as i remember sneaky and 3m(bc) were created in the same time. we all had hard times and we both didnt have very skilled players and we too created own clan from the begining and we put much effort to success.that is why "top players" how you say,start to join us.but for us this is not just top players, this is good clanmates and friends.

gl in next matches:)

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Re: CW (FTAG) // sNeAkY 2 : 1 pTs // 14.03. 2012

Gg both First 2 Maps are Nice in Overkill i suxx to Hard

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Re: CW (FTAG) // sNeAkY 2 : 1 pTs // 14.03. 2012
EAZY E wrote:

Adrenalin on E+ ? I Think the 3M Clan its most relaxed clan here than others ... Thats why They plaing at QL . There You can taste of Adrenalin . Pandas | [13] | nQe ? Thats sound like threat The 3M Clan ... Oh wait a minute ... You Said Adrenaline ? Yeah Its lots of Adrenalin on Spectator Mode ? Is it ? Sleepy

Adrenaline is there where u want it. Just imagine the "snail race" Happy pretty boring isn't it, but add 1 milion dollars as the prize and the adrenaline kicks could kill u Happy
IMO AlienM had some adrenaline while watching, she wanted to win because it was her clan playing Happy same like most of us watch some soccer matches or other sports.

gg was nice match Happy
hope we gonna get some rematch in future