aspland - chemical industry map ali & asphyx corporation

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hi ..

i make a new thread about the map :

Chemical Industry ( The slime factory )

please stay tuned!! we add here finished rooms and map structures...

matt is making a logo for the map for us Happy

"map suggestions and discussions are here welcome!"

u can see on the picture what room i mean .....

Screenshots coming soon !

this room is finished !

called lower floor.

upper floor

here comes the next room : called Towerhall

is it possible to make a way from the upper floor direct into the Towerhall ?

here you can see my suggestion about the room . please add a way in the middle to the tower and on the right and left side add a slime level pool. in and outside the pools add some pillars in different size to jump from the plattform or from the other room


here u see a long way to the big door ( our pump engine ) room. where u can go the way outgoing from the teleporter to the right and left way to the other rooms...we need to speak about the details i think this are too many features and text in my picture or ?

the teleporter with the walls looks like this then

and here is the slime hall :

pump engine room

so now i only need to explain you what i mean with that whole pictures...Happy

but from my ideas is it finished...XD..

what do u think about the ideas & what you understand ali ? xd

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Re: aspland - chemical industry map ali & asphyx corporation

here are some pics u requested asphy for the two rooms ( attached screens + test version)

textures still not made, but see pipes Tongue

type /map xpteam0 to test

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Re: aspland - chemical industry map ali & asphyx corporation

GL with this job ;D, want test it remeber to me

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Re: aspland - chemical industry map ali & asphyx corporation

not bad

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