[x] TnTCup [ ]F vs Amg 11.08.2014 WO

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Re: TnTCup [ ]F vs Amg 11.08.2014 WO

bla bla bla it's you, and your stupid cup and KLH with him stupid rail config, who voted for him? nobody LOL

I am the organizer of several events:
Railonly Freeze League 2012 (link)
RailOnly r4e09f TDM CUP 2012 (link)
Railonly Freeze League 2013 (link)
Railonly Freeze League 2014 (link)
Rail Resurrection Duel Cup 2015 (link)

Freeze Rail League 2016 (link)
PlusN TDM antiWH League 2016 (link)

I'm waiting from developers GetSS a workable system!

Blitz wrote:
Lazy bastards...

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Re: TnTCup [ ]F vs Amg 11.08.2014 WO
q3fun wrote:

bla bla bla it's you, and your stupid cup and KLH with him stupid rail config, who voted for him? nobody LOL

and blablabla who votes for your?and wtf your post is about here and my post hmm?

Furiat wrote:
..problems were with players and some wywalało. .....

luzer wrote:

ja via delete this forum plz ja tell term the create a new name AMG forum..

-VDTA-PJAX wrote:

from 26.07.08 to 31.12.9999

UFFAS * DSS wrote:

super last minute recruit join XD i saw bax was recruting like a tornado in last minutes

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Re: TnTCup [ ]F vs Amg 11.08.2014 WO

Plz stop blablbalba talking, its all about it here again? we have similar situation with LSF and we didn't want replay couse of bax behaviour, in other case we propably would play this match couse its more fun to play exeptonly shit talking here. THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Play and talk with each other in fun, its game don't u get it? I have ex from TnT. We not only playing together, we talk and laugh even we play on for fun on public server(ofc sin't always perfect but all missunderstanding we try to fix as fast as we can). Try to think about everyone not only those two clans and ppl spaming here. It should bne a big family, why don't u think more players didn't came here anymore? from past I remember few situation on public: Some newbe comes to play, and some old players (I clearly remember who but its not a point here) starts sayin what a noob, what are u doing idiot etc etc etc blabla shit. Maybe try thimk about it? TnT help 2~-3 noobs like that and soon they repay by playing good enough to start become TnT power ( Kornik & Twister).
So I think This should be a clue what to do. U want more clans here,player? Maybe thats a start.

About This match. I want u to all try to replay it. And Plz try to do it friendly.
Regz Arghali

Arghali is right. Justt have fun folks, don't bitch. It's just a game, so why not just have more fun?