[x]O.S.R.C 3 /R5/ p4L vs LoVe - wo.

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Re: [x]O.S.R.C 3 /R5/ p4L vs LoVe - wo.


you said:

"They didn't accept Thursday challenge, and in fact didn't respond at all
(I could have used screenshot of inF vs p4l as basis for love wo since
they didnt show on that day but inF did, more info on my post above.
Except we don't ask for WOs, ever... too bad love did

i cant find link on forum where u post date and time... sorry but u shuld post or reply on forum. also i cant remember so u or any other p4l member talk with me or other LoVer about our game in thursday.

i wos talk with asd on saturday. we menaged our game on sunday 22:30 cet ( look forum). we wos there i got info so p4l have no players. if any of p4l wos there simply post SS with ref and your 3 p4l members on arena! and voila.

about our wildcard. we had game vs inf. we had 3 players and we wos there but 1 of us had PB issue called PB_SLEEP this wosnt just no show of no players.

we re new on 1.32 e+ our guys do not play 1.32 they dont know much about this mod etc. so i dont know if admins decide good or wrong but we still can play and frag and we thank them alot.