Why kick spectators?

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Re: Why kick spectators?

I think a lot of people here should refrain from saying things it does not make them dishonest it makes them polite, despite what other intentions they might have. Calling other people out in a brutal way (and then insulting them) just brings you down to their level, if not worse.

I guess your right, the time scale is to short to see the larger effect (which is probably negligible).

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Re: Why kick spectators?

Kid is not polite, he is an underhanded coward and he thinks exactly what I wrote in this thread. That people conspire and collude to bring him and "newbies" down. The reason I know is because I've had the misfortune of having seen him harp on and on about it for the past two years. 

He is super confused, the reason for his whine is mostly the new mod and config - something which I have criticized ad nauseam for the past three years - but he simply can't formulate his opinion so he resorts to the easiest way out, to blame an imaginary conspiracy of players and admins. And no my point wasn't to show a too short time frame, it was to show that Kid is an idiot.