Why kick spectators?

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Re: Why kick spectators?

Spectators are kicked when the server is full, Beer is a 14 slot server (with 2 priv slots, and once upon a golden time it was 16 slot) and somehow people think they have the right to take up a place for people wanting to play. An autokick function after 5 minutes was introduced after much external pressure to do so.

Kid of course, decides to read into that whatever insanity plagues his brain at the moment. What is so provoking is that he doesn't have a single point right, at all. The situation was the same when Reno had the server in 2007. If it was up to me it would be a 2 minute time, not that it has any bearing on his theoretical point. Besides, Beer is rarely full these days. It's these kinds of details Kid overlooks in his quest for idiocy.

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Re: Why kick spectators?

lets hear, what other ppl think!

So here are my 2 cents.

I find autokick as awesome thing. You want us to go to another servers when Beer is full, so tell me, which one? Personally I would sit on Camel servers all the time because of ping but there are too little people to play on Camel server because people don't want to wait till someone join but want to join to the game that is already running and has some players.

Personally I'd like to change two things about autokick;
1. If there are less than 10 people on the server [+ spectators] autokick isn't going to kick anyone;
2. If server is full and someone goes spectate - autokick would kick inactive by 1-2 minutes, not 5.

Why? Simple - to let other people play.

Word up, Mircwar.

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Re: Why kick spectators?

yes, this is wrong on so many levels.
ofc the 5 min autokick is a great implementation and yes beer is rarely full these days and there really aren't many servers around since years.
one could argue that autokick would even help getting players to other servers.
but mr, you seriously gotta stop conspiring and stuff.

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Re: Why kick spectators?

Why would anyone let you hangout in spectators while server is full and drinking u'r pina colada wearing sunglasses, when maybe other people would really like to play on that server, and they can't join because of your selfishness ?

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Re: Why kick spectators?

what is the problem? spec players?

heh almost like each server from server spider is fully occupied by players and spectators day after day, lol, if i remember well only once i cant join to era ftag server cause all player slots were busy and it was maybe 10 spectators (that was really not cool true) but in generall it is happening very rarely (for me once), other servers are deep empty and the wind is blowing around ther spectators and players slots... soon will say: pls come on at least on spectator cause server is so empty!! Big grin

about beer? am i wrong or there is autokick on spec mode? that after some time the spectator can be dropped from server, btw there are almost always only players not spectators.

so whats the big deal with spectators Confused
btw: come at vanilla servers Big grin there is always nice atmosphere and good players and great fun@ Happy

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Re: Why kick spectators?
JeBaNy wrote:

what is the problem? spec players?

You missed the point. Kid think that if there were no "dropped due to inactivity" people would play on other servers like aim+freeze or plusN Test 2.5 because beer would be full of spectators. But Im afraid that if BSA decide to do this people will only start complain that they can not get to the server because its full of spectatorss. However I give F1 to try..

- Gentelmans, we are dealing with someone here who has absolutely no life..
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Re: Why kick spectators?

Hendrik säger (00:08):there IS a conspiracy ...a conspiracy of Mr and F2B!- F2B makes the CONF (that each conf is based on) ...and MR supports this conf!"

Hendrik säger (00:05):
MANY ppl think, that this community is controlled only by MR and F2B!

Hendrik säger (00:02):
noe, i think, ur block every idea, coz ur affraid to loose ur control about this community

Hendrik säger (00:01):
all points: also the point, that u think, ur a that good player, that u dont have to listen to the opinion of noobs?

Hendrik säger (23:57):
yea, MR- society --- but MR is not E+

Hendrik säger (00:37): but ppl think so im
a typical martyr ...i HAVE to help the weak! Hendrik säger (00:38): even
if im not that storng

Hendrik säger (00:18):
all ppl think, that the highScore-clans are hidin smth

Hendrik säger (00:19):
the community is devided in 2 parts: 1 that has problems and 1 that has not!

Well, i always thought Kid was a bit delusional and wacky, but this goes beyond that. Holy shit. I'd say this is funny but i can't laugh at genuine insanity.

Anyway, like there wasn't basically always a single plus tag server that hogged all the players. Except for the period where aim freeze server managed to somehow attract numbers similar to the competition. And for the longest time, nobody did jack shit about spectators. I remember back in 2!s freeze days you sometimes had up to half the players in spec, chatting and doing fuck all. Same on Deex, hell, towards the end that's all people were doing on the server. And if what you wanted to do was to play, you were basically fucked.

Kid, sorry to break it to you, but the reason why people are not playing on other servers is not autokick or any other imaginary reason you might have concocted in your mind - it's because it's 2012 (almost 2013) and too many people have moved on from E+, and even though there were hardly any periods in E+ activity to simultaneously fill several different servers up, there used to be a lot more players around this place. Wake up.

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Re: Why kick spectators?

god kid, i will IGNORE any of your posts that does not contain whole sentences from now on!

Less arrogance would be healthy

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Re: Why kick spectators?

only 1 disadvantage of kicking spectators is that more and more ppl prefer to be away just after joining a red/blue team rather than be in spec. AFK for 2 min. kick is good idea though. But players who are away in game should be directly kicked than force them to spec.

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Re: Why kick spectators?

Pls, be fair!
I did not say anythin about a "conspiracy"
(that word did not come from me)!
I also did not claim, that BEER is doin this on purpose!

I just thought logical:
If the server is always available,
and thers always 1 free slot,
thers no need to go to another server!

I also checked my own behaviour:
If the server is full: ok,
then i wait in queue.
And if it takes too long to wait: ok,
then i close q3 and try again later!

I dont want ppl to spec forever!
But a straight server-politic has consequences
for all servers/ the whole community, i think.