®SFC: unique 2:0 C4 [TAG] 09.06.2010

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!@#$%&*( terror )_
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Re: ®SFC: unique 2:0 C4 [TAG] 09.06.2010

Exactly Asu, not everyone has to like everyone.
Let's tolerate eachother Happy

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Re: ®SFC: unique 2:0 C4 [TAG] 09.06.2010

well played both Winking

-C4-SCHORSCH wrote:

We weren´t camping at all, but we also didn´t play ctf.
You never played a e5r-match against RKT or extreme, otherwise you would know what camping looks like Worried.

hehe, its other style. in plusn now harder to camp, then in e5r. im miss this time : <

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