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Re: Send Your Q3config Here!
!@#$%&*( terror )_ wrote:

model "anarki"
headmodel "klesk"
team_model "anarki"
team_headmodel "klesk"

// Binds™ ====================================================

bind ` "toggleconsole"
bind x "+scores"
bind ENTER "messagemode"
bind KP_ENTER "messagemode2"
bind ] cg_lagometer "1"
bind [ cg_lagometer "0"
bind t "+button2"
bind z "+button3"
bind b "drop powerup"
bind 6 "kill"
bind 5 "kill"

bind F8 "screenshotJPEG"
bind F9 "g_synchronousclients 1;record;g_synchronousclients 0"
bind F10 "stoprecord; g_synchronousclients 0"
bind F11 "startmvd"
bind F12 "stopmvd"

// Moving™ ===================================================

bind ALT "+speed"
bind s "+back"
bind w "+forward"
bind a "+moveleft"
bind d "+moveright"
bind c "+movedown"
bind SPACE "+moveup"

// Weapons™ ==================================================

bind MOUSE1 "+attack"
bind MWHEELDOWN "weapon 1"
bind MWHEELUP "weapon 2"
bind SHIFT "weapon 6"
bind MOUSE2 "weapon 4"
bind r "weapon 5"
bind e "weapon 3"
bind f "weapon 7"
bind TAB "weapon 8"
bind q "weapon 9"

// Client™ ===================================================

cl_punkbuster "1"
com_maxfps "125"
snaps "40"
rate "25000"
cl_maxpackets "125"
com_hunkmegs "256"
com_zonemegs "24"

// Hud™ ======================================================

xp_crosshairColor "3"
cg_drawCrosshair "5"
cg_crosshairhealth "0"
cg_crosshairsize "17"
cg_crosshairPulse "0"
cg_noprojectiletrail "1"
r_drawSun "0"
cg_drawGun "1"
cg_gibs "0"
cg_shadows "1"
com_blood "1"
xp_corpse "4"
xp_drawNotify "3"
xp_drawClientNum "5"
xp_noParticles "1"
r_lodbias "1"
cg_marks "0"
r_dynamiclight "0"
cg_brassTime "0"
cg_draw3dIcons "0"
cg_simpleItems "1"
cg_fov "113"
r_vertexLight "0"
xp_drawWeaponSelect "0"
r_picmip "0"
r_subdivisions "1"
r_colorbits "32"
r_texturebits "32"
cg_lagometer "0"
cg_oldRail "1"
cg_railtrailtime "300"
r_railSegmentLength "0"
r_railCoreWidth "2"
r_railWidth "0"
cg_scorePlums "0"
r_fastsky "0"
cg_deadBodyFilter "1"
cg_centertime "0"
r_drawstrips "0"
r_noportals "0"
xp_country "X+"
xp_noSnow "1"
xp_OnExit ""
xp_enemyModel "keel/xp"
xp_enemyColors "6662"
cg_draw2D "1"
cg_drawTeamOverlay "1"
cg_drawattacker "0"
cg_trueLightning "1"
xp_noBobbing "7"
cg_runpitch "0"
cg_runroll "0"
cg_bobup "0"
cg_bobpitch "0"
cg_bobroll "0"
cg_notaunt "1"
xp_noradiochat "1"
xp_nochatbeep "1"

// Mouse™ ====================================================

in_mouse "-1" // mx518, win7 sens settings = center, 1600 dpi, 500hz //
sensitivity "0.67"
cl_mouseaccel "0.016"
m_filter "0"
m_side "0.25"
m_forward "0.25"
m_yaw "0.022"
m_pitch "0.022"

// Sound™ ====================================================

seta s_mixPreStep "0.05"
seta s_mixahead "0.2"
seta s_doppler "0"
seta s_khz "44"
seta s_separation "0.5"
seta s_musicvolume "0"
seta s_volume "0.4"
seta cg_stereoSeparation "0.4"
seta com_soundMegs "16"
seta s_occ_eq "0.75"
seta s_occfactor "0.5"
seta s_bloat "2.0"
seta s_numpolys "400"
seta s_polyreflectsize "10000000"
seta s_polysize "10000000"
seta s_polykeep "1000000000"
seta s_refdelay "2.0"
seta s_refgain "0.45"
seta s_leafnum "0"
seta s_max_distance "2000"
seta s_min_distance "1.0"
seta s_distance "2000"
seta s_rolloff "1.0"
seta s_loadas8bit "0"
seta s_fogeq "1.0"
seta s_watereq "1.0"
seta s_ambient "0"

// Volume™ ===================================================

bind PGUP "vstr vup"
bind PGDN "vstr vdn"

set vdn "vstr v02"
set vup "vstr v04"
set v00 "set s_volume 0.0;set vup vstr v01;echo Volume ^4<^7===========^4>;echo;echo"
set v01 "set s_volume 0.1;set vdn vstr v00;set vup vstr v02;echo Volume ^4<^0||^7=========^4>;echo;echo;play sound/misc/menu3"
set v02 "set s_volume 0.2;set vdn vstr v01;set vup vstr v03;echo Volume ^4<^7=^0||^7========^4>;echo;echo;play sound/misc/menu3"
set v03 "set s_volume 0.3;set vdn vstr v02;set vup vstr v04;echo Volume ^4<^7==^0||^7=======^4>;echo;echo;play sound/misc/menu3"
set v04 "set s_volume 0.4;set vdn vstr v03;set vup vstr v05;echo Volume ^4<^7===^0||^7======^4>;echo;echo;play sound/misc/menu3"
set v05 "set s_volume 0.5;set vdn vstr v04;set vup vstr v06;echo Volume ^4<^7====^0||^7=====^4>;echo;echo;play sound/misc/menu3"
set v06 "set s_volume 0.6;set vdn vstr v05;set vup vstr v07;echo Volume ^4<^7=====^0||^7====^4>;echo;echo;play sound/misc/menu3"
set v07 "set s_volume 0.7;set vdn vstr v06;set vup vstr v08;echo Volume ^4<^7======^0||^7===^4>;echo;echo;play sound/misc/menu3"
set v08 "set s_volume 0.8;set vdn vstr v07;set vup vstr v09;echo Volume ^4<^7=======^0||^7==^4>;echo;echo;play sound/misc/menu3"
set v09 "set s_volume 0.9;set vdn vstr v08;set vup vstr v10;echo Volume ^4<^7========^0||^7=^4>;echo;echo;play sound/misc/menu3"
set v10 "set s_volume 1.0;set vdn vstr v09;echo Volume ^4<^7=========^0||^4>;echo;echo;play sound/misc/menu3"

// Gamma™ ====================================================

bind home "vstr gu"
bind end "vstr gd"

set gd "vstr g00"
set gu "vstr g01"
set g00 "set r_gamma 0.8;set gd vstr g00;set gu vstr g01;echo ^7Gamma [^2|^7==========] 0.8"
set g01 "set r_gamma 0.9;set gd vstr g00;set gu vstr g02;echo ^7Gamma [=^2|^7=========]"
set g02 "set r_gamma 1.0;set gd vstr g01;set gu vstr g03;echo ^7Gamma [==^2|^7========]"
set g03 "set r_gamma 1.1;set gd vstr g02;set gu vstr g04;echo ^7Gamma [===^2|^7=======]"
set g04 "set r_gamma 1.2;set gd vstr g03;set gu vstr g05;echo ^7Gamma [====^2|^7======]"
set g05 "set r_gamma 1.3;set gd vstr g04;set gu vstr g06;echo ^7Gamma [=====^2|^7=====] 1.3"
set g06 "set r_gamma 1.4;set gd vstr g05;set gu vstr g07;echo ^7Gamma [======^2|^7====]"
set g07 "set r_gamma 1.5;set gd vstr g06;set gu vstr g08;echo ^7Gamma [=======^2|^7===]"
set g08 "set r_gamma 1.6;set gd vstr g07;set gu vstr g09;echo ^7Gamma [========^2|^7==]"
set g09 "set r_gamma 1.7;set gd vstr g08;set gu vstr g10;echo ^7Gamma [=========^2|^7=]"
set g10 "set r_gamma 1.8;set gd vstr g09;set gu vstr g10;echo ^7Gamma [==========^2|^7] 1.8"

// ===========================================================


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Re: Send Your Q3config Here!

have fun with it^^

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Re: Send Your Q3config Here!
eu.jeff wrote:

SCRIPTS Chatterbox Tongue

i think thats is not most complex scripts Happy

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Re: Send Your Q3config Here!

sWEEDshot cfg is a best ever cfg ;]]]

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Re: Send Your Q3config Here!

last post 17. June 2010 now 6 feb 2011


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Re: Send Your Q3config Here!

For Quake used at LINUX!
acceleration always turned off by: "$ xset m 0/0 0" in system
and at windows users sounds can not works cuz of "/dev/dsp" as sound device. maybe graphics too. so i can say i use fov 90. sens like 36cm for 360 degree and r_overbrightbits and r_mapover... and r_intesitivity and few others visual thing changed.
mainly point is low sens. low fov. and contrasting "HUD"

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Re: Send Your Q3config Here!

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Re: Send Your Q3config Here!

mine. ( is a shit, I know Happy )

p!nky wrote:

futema si tu Tongue

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Re: Send Your Q3config Here!

interestings configs really ;]]]]]

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Re: Send Your Q3config Here!

my conf and mosue settings...

rename mouse.txt to mouse.reg

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